Saturday, April 15, 2006

A shopping we will go

This day was spent in shopping HELL! Drew already didn't feel good but I decided dto drag him to Costco and home then to Wal-Mart and then back home... why do I punish myself like that? LOL... he grabbed the bag of deli-meat fresh from the counter and proceeded to open the bag and throw it on the floor in the produce section. :) At least they opened it back up.

Josh wanted to have everyone guess the amount -- I'll bet it's $150... everything if it's expensive is $150 to him. Very cute. AND.. someone stole my freakin coupons? Why would anyone steal someone's coupons? Did they think it was my wallet? How gay?! Those were MY freakin coupons... ticked me off!

Oh well...

We decorated eggs that evening after Drew went to sleep. Josh did a great job. They weren't the dip eggs...these were sponge painted eggs. So after Josh's fingers got all gummy he decided that he wanted to paint his FINGERS and then fingerpaint the eggs. He did great. He was up until about 9:45 doing that and then it was off to bed. Big day tomorrow with the bunny coming and all.

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