Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can you get too old for scary movies?

Josh was spending the night with a friend. Drew was crashed out in his bed. I am sick and had taken some Thera-Flu (barf) and was waiting for it to kick in. I let the dogs out and got into bed, turned my electric blanket up to 6 (did I mention that I was sick?) and started channel surfing. I wasn't in the mood to watch anything I'd Tivo'd (one OLD episode of Oprah, Dirty Jobs, various "Drew-ish" shows, one James Bond movie featuring Sean Connery) so I started flipping through the movie channels. Why pay for them if you don't use them right?

I went one at a time reading the information portions of the movies that had just begun or the ones that were going to begin in about 15 minutes... why? Because there are SO SO SO many movies that I haven't seen, but HAD seen the previews and made a mental note that I WANTED to see but then FORGOT to see and probably wouldn't remember the name now ... so I resorted to reading... and then I remembered when I saw the one... 30 Days of Night.

HOLY COW that was one suspenseful movie! I have ALWAYS loved horror flicks. Not necessarily the gory flicks but just the suspense kind that make you want to scream at the screen -- RUN THE OTHER WAY!!! I've always had a thing for vampires though. Interview With a Vampire (great flick). Another that is one of my all-time favorite movies, Bram Stoker's Dracula. It's a beautiful love story and the acting in it is phenomenal! BUT... this movie was supsenseful -- there were a few gory spots in it (vampires=blood so it's to be expected) but I was somewhat prepared for that just based on the fact that it WAS a vampire movie.

I tell you, though, I was so creeped out I could NOT GO TO SLEEP without seeing those faces or hearing those creepy screams and that wicked, evil sounding language that the head vamp talked to his fellow vamps in -- CREEPY!

Check it out...

Or here's the official site just click HERE


chksngr said...

I despise scary movies...I have a life event that changed my view of them LONG I even avoid the trailers...Garbage in, Garbage out, I say. Sometimes I can't even watch NCIS or CSI because its too graphic for me. I think Americans are, as a society, too desensitized to violence and the effects of it due to our "entertainment" media. Have you ever read "In Cold Blood"? Its not even as graphic as an episode of Bones, but it was a HUGE scandal when it was released in 1966 because it was not only "graphic" but also true. When I think of what we watch on TV now, I almost shudder...its like we teach our kids to be violent predators becuase that is what is glorified in the media....'d I get up here on my soap box??? Stepping down very carefully! HAHAH!!!


Amooretto said...

I'm not a scary movie fan. Only b/c the scenes now these days can be sooo true to life. Its scary.

Now, a suspense/thriller kind of movie...yeah...I love those. Not so much on all the gore and stuff though.

I would have been the same way! I wouldn't have been able to go to bed for a couple of days. I would just lay there and start thinking of something else...say, to-do lists!! LOL