Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sarcasm - live

We had a den meeting tonight at a local park since it was 85 outside today and too pretty to do anything indoors. I chose a local park because we had two items on our agenda --
  1. work on a song for the Blue & Gold Banquet on Saturday -- not for them to sing, just to lead the crowd; and
  2. work on our skit for the Blue & Gold.

Now, I don't have a group of true performers. Most don't speak loudly when you need them to and turn their backs to the audience. And while we won't have a microphone for them to help their boys project, I try to talk loudly so that they can emulate me... we'll see how it goes. We had a good run through... and the boy that WILL speak the loudest had football practice but because he would have a voice that truly wouldn't need a microphone I thought it really WAS appropriate for him to have a leading role. :) Well, that and if I gave it to Josh, I'd look like I was playing favorites... and I don't want that!

So, since the park is close to one of my all time favorite places to eat and Andy was watching Drew... I suggested everyone go eat at Spring Creek BBQ! I ran James (our Den Chief -- great kid) home and then Josh and I headed up to Spring Creek to meet Andy and Drew. We got our trays and found a booth. Josh and I on one side, Andy and Drew on the other. The booth behind me was vacant and the booth behind Andy and Drew had a family and 3 kids in it. One of the kids though the booth was for kicking and proceeded to continually kick the booth... and kick and kick and kick... it was about as annoying as it gets... Then Drew decides he's pretty much done with dinner and starts to stand on his head... using Andy's right hip as his pivot point and climb the wall upside down with his feet... So Andy, with a huge grin on his face said, "I'm so glad OUR kids are so well behaved." I swear I think I laughed SO HARD...

Josh, who normally isn't THAT quick, said, "that's sarcasm, live! Right?"

And, by George, he got that one right! :)

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