Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Stuff

  1. I love following THIS BLOG. She's just so creative! :) I'm thankful for people like her in the scrappy world! I love her pencil line sketch LO. Check it out!
  2. Baking divas beware -- THIS BLOG, Bakerella, is just to die for. If you put this site in the rain, it'd melt from all the sugar! And reading some of her posts... she always talks about eating the scraps. I'm convinced she must weigh about 500 pounds (give or take).
  3. Random conversation happened at 2:42 pm at my house...

"Mom, if someone climbed up on the roof and tooted in our air conditioner all our friends would see the stink and green and say, "Ewwwww, your house is weird!" Isn't that funny?"

Mom replies, "Yeah, that's pretty gross."

To which me makes his little open mouth, nasal-ish giggle and runs off with his bare feet slapping against the hardwoods to go tell Josh how he made me laugh.

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