Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going back and forth....

I go back and forth on a weekly basis on this whole homeschooling thing. While, in the over-all picture, I really like it. I like the flexibility. I like that I can turn anything into a learning experience if I want to. I like that I have control over the content being poured into my childrens' minds. I like that I can make the Bible and God as important as, say, math or language arts and that I can choose a curriculum that has Bible verses and sayings written right there in the textbook.

I do, however, really miss my "me" time. I miss being able to clean my house without worrying about missing his lessons. I miss being able to meet my friends for lunch. I miss being able to take a nap if I'm tired. I miss the freedom to work on MY projects and work deadlines during the day instead of at night when I'd really love to read. I miss the flexibility of being able to go to the gym.

However, I, too, realize that these days are few and far between because they won't be this young forever and we're making memories and forming a bond that wasn't there before. I'm excited to find things that he's interested in and really run with it but it's also exhausting.

Considering a private school next year is something I am doing but at $1200 a month in tuition... it just seems really selfish on my part to send them there. Then, I start to think about all the things we'd miss and all the opportunities that we WON'T have because of that...and it really makes me sad. Hmm... what do to... what to do.

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And find some activities that your kids can do to give you time.