Monday, January 25, 2010

Being a boy...

Even when we were little kids on the playground, boys have a different method of communicating. I'm well aware of that. I'm well aware, too, that in this household and forevermore, I will be outnumbered. However, I'm quite content with being the sole source of estrogen, the "Queen Bee," if you will. I was not built to handle girl-drama. I can't handle it. I won't handle it and girl hissy fits make me want to B#%*H slap someone for letting their little girl get away with such ridiculous behavior!

Fast forward to today... I don't know WHAT happened to Drew but he was a DRAMA QUEEN. We got up and after my weekend, I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to BE vertical but was very thankful I was because I don't think I could take another minute of the television -- what an idiot box! Ugh! How in the hell do men sit on their butts watching that thing for hours on end? I'll never understand. I don't care WHAT it is... anything over ... an hour maybe...and I'm climbing the walls. Any-who, I digress... he gets up this morning and doesn't want breakfast. He asks for his favorite: apple butter on toast with chocolate milk. We're almost out of his chocolate milk so I pour what's left of it in a cup and fill the rest with regular milk. The milk is still brown... just not AS brown. He makes time to be sure it's pointed out to me that "this milk doesn't taste like anything." Yeah, thanks there Einstein. Appreciate that. He has a "headache" and doesn't want to go to school. Surprise. The child loves to do home school with Josh but since his day is about 1/3 of Josh's (if that) he can be a little bit of a distraction for my one that likes to really concentrate. I take him to school. I run by the house and pick up my books to be mailed and a check book. I take Josh to acting class. I stop by the post office. I head to the house and check my e-mail. I go pick up Drew. He wants Subway, I explain that we have to leave immediately to get Josh from acting and that we were simply going to McDonalds and then going home that I didn't feel 100% and that was lunch. He wants to eat there and starts to whine that his headache is "killing him." Oh the drama. So we get Josh and he starts to talk and Drew starts to whine because it's too loud. If it's something he doesn't want to hear, he cries, otherwise he's laughing and talking and giggling. It's a pain in the arse is what it is!

We go to the line and he gets sassy with me while I'm asking him what he wants to drink. I'm about fed up. Mommy doesn't feel good = zero patience for B.S. They don't have pictures of the toys that come with their happy meals so he's convinced he's not getting a toy (oh the travesty!)

We get home... he proceeds to play (his version of) Bakugan with Josh during lunch. I typically have a 100% no toys on the table policy b/c he needs NO distractions for eating SO DARN SLOW already... needs NO help! I finally give them a 10 minute warning that lunch was over in 10 minutes. Period. They finish up. And then it thing after another... the tears... the drama... the wrapped arms... the pouts... I'm like... who the hell IS THIS KID? Seriously, I swear he was going to start his period and I needed to go buy the kid some Midol!

So, like I said, I'm not feeling 100% and so I go to the restroom and then had planned on laying down. The doorbell rings. I'm in the bathroom and I hear Josh say it's the neighbor across the street (with her son, Drew's best friend). I hear the door shut. I get in bed and Josh comes in to tell me they brought Drew a present and Drew punched Hunter (his BF) in the stomach? I'm like... WTH? Apparently, when she was out, she found these cute t-shirts and bought one for her two boys and one for Drew too. They'd brought him a little gift bag but when Hunter was handing it to Drew, he bumped his arm so Drew wanted to be a little sassy butt and shoved him. SHOVED HIM? I asked Josh, "Well, did he at least say thank you?" Josh said, "I told him to and he just looked at me and then smiled." So... apparently Josh was the only one that had said thank you to Mrs. Oshell. UGH! The horror. This kid says thank you to everyone and anyone for EVERYTHING??? So, I called Drew into my room and we had a talk. He had to call and apologize... his message was so funny. They didn't answer but he left a message and the end of it was, "I'm having a bad day." ha haa... it was everything I could do to keep from busting out laughing. Reminded me of that book... he had a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day"

So, I waited for Andy to get here and let him walk Drew to his house to talk to him and apologize face to face. It's all better now but... man alive... makes me sad sometimes the things they'll do and say especially when you KNOW they know better! I feel like I plant those seeds of kindness and generosity and humbleness and compassion... I plant them in my boys every day... and I truly believe you reap what you sow... however, sometimes... those dang weeds just pop up and there's really nothing you can do but yank 'em up --roots and all-- because you can still admire the beautiful fruits of your labor -- but sometimes only AFTER you've weeded the garden!

So, this means I'll see it in about 20 years, right? ha ha ha!

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chksngr said...

Wait til the baby gets here. We've noticed that the only time we get drama-man-can't-listen-won't-do-what-he-knows-to-do-whines-cries-screams-yells-is-a-total-brat is when mommy is holding Noah. It doesn't appear to matter that Daddy holds Noah, only Momma...I'm ready to lock him in his room forever...