Wednesday, January 20, 2010

They're lucky they're so cute and I hate not having NAV!

Today, Drew said he still wasn't feeling 100% but I took that as if, "I just want to stay home" and so I told him he still had to go to school. I had big plans to get finished today. "Get your teeth brushed," was my next order. I walk into my bathroom to ensure he's doing that and NOT playing with the toys or the water and what do mine eyes see? Drew... with his hand wrapped around MY toothbrush. Yes, the child who was medicated for croup and now has a HORRIBLE, phflegmy, debilitating cough has been using MY TOOTHBRUSH ALL WEEK! NO WONDER I feel like crap! I asked why and the response... because my bristles are prettier colors than his. OH MY GOODNESS it's evident now why God made them so cute because otherwise, they'd never live to see their next birthday... it was certainly to ensure their survival. I got Drew ready for school and we made it there ON TIME -- I despise being late!

Josh and I came back and then did some school... spelling... math (he's doing great -- other than those pesky word problems)... and then it was time to head to Carl's house. Carl is another cubmaster that I'm good friends with. He is also a toolman and craftsman. He is helping us with Josh's pinewood derby car since I am SO not mechanically inclined. We get there about 5 after 11 and are about done about 11:50 and my phone rings. I don't recognize the number so I don't answer knowing that we'll be on the road shortly. We get on the road at noon... there is a detour through a residential area.... I get lost and have no CLUE where I wind up! I start to check my messages hoping I'm going somewhere in the right direction (I have no sense about those pesky things anyway.) I call to check my messages. It was Drew's school. He's in the office, sick and needing to go home. I'm now in somewhat of a panic to get there and then realize that although I'm moving in a direction -- I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE WHERE I AM! I need help. I can't call Andy (the master direction giver)-- he's out. My dad (direction person of choice #2, in Hawaii. My MIL - at a bridge tourney. I'm left to my own devices... I panic... I call to speak to Andy's dad and I guess he was a little turned around mentally and sent me in the wrong direction on 820. It was SO frustrating. I said a little prayer and then called my mom nearly in tears -- HELP! Drew is sick and I'm lost... HELP! She gets me in the right place and saved the day.

Times like that, although I love my Blackberry, I really, REALLY miss my nav system on my old RAZR phone. It was awesome, I just had to type in WHERE I wanted to go and the GPS thing found me and led me out -- I was NEVER LOST. With the blackberry, I have to have a starting address and a finishing address. Hard to do when you have no flippin clue where you are!

Needless to say, we DID make it. Chipotle wasn't happening for lunch (Jack in the Box had to suffice - barf!) and we got home for him to rest and relax.

My night was spent getting progressively worse (health-wise). I had a cheese sandwich and chips for dinner because I had no appetite... I did get the kitchen cleaned up though -- that's definitely a plus.

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