Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

One of my favorite blogs, The Mommy Files, has a feature on Thursdays called "Thankful Thursdays." Today's letter is: B and my list:

B: Boys -- I'm SO thankful for my boys!
B: Bible -- I'm thankful for this guide to life!
B: Blackberry -- I'm thankful for my little piece of technology
B: Boston Terriers -- my little Lola is such a wonderful thing to me
B: Books -- I love books!!! All kinds... all genres... especially new HS ones
B: Blog -- I'm thankful for my creative outlet and the others like The Mommy Files
B: Brown -- I'm thankful this Republican got into that, so called, Democratis seat
B: Blender -- I'm thankful for my blender to make strawberry banana smoothies!

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