Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little rest... a little cough

I went to sleep last night a little late as I'd had caffiene -- it really keeps me awake at night. My little sidekick, Lola, snuggles with me nightly. I kept hearing this "snore/wheezing" sound and was like, "is my dog getting sick too?" So, I moved her around this way... that way... this position... that position. Poor dog was probably like, "LEAVE ME ALONE PSYCHO." The wheezing wouldn't stop. Then I realized, IT WAS ME! I'd been annoying the hell out of my dog thinking it was her, when it was me. UGH! This morning wasn't much better. As long as I'm vertical, I'm hoping it stays at bay.

I walk in to all the boys at the kitchen table and Drew announces with a cheeky grin, "I don't want to go to school today. I want to homeschool." Andy asks why? Drew says, "So I don't have to do centers, or coloring sheets and because homeschooling is more fun." Andy smiles at me and says, "Brainwashed him already, huh?" But I can (and did) honestly say, "This is ALL him," because it was! We can get through school without the lines... without the busy work... without centers because we get through it -- it takes it in and is better for it.

So, today, we'll do some school, hit the park and let them play for a while and really enjoy being homeschooled today for tomorrow will be a busy day.

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