Monday, January 25, 2010

The weekend recap

Saturday was the big day of our Pack's Pinewood Derby Race! Josh was pretty excited. We were really hoping that this year was his year to have a fast car that'd be in the top 5 (maybe). However, considering I don't possess a constructive bone in my body, I enlisted the help of a great friend and fellow Scouter, Carl Wilson. He helped Josh construct a better car that he'd had in years past. We ran one race, 2nd... and another... 3rd.... and another 1st... and another 3rd. Overall, he was 13th out of the nearly 40 cars that were entered and so I was very proud of that! I was also proud of the fact that it was HIS car not done by ME with him racing it. I always let him know that the reason the tigers and wolves do so well is because daddy is doing the cars for them. He's doing it all on his own and that is something to be proud of. How can you be proud of a car when you had nothing to do with it?

After the race, I had to get my oil changed. It was wayyyy over due! I was in and out in about 15 minutes (thank goodness for rainy days when no one wants to get out!) then we headed to Chipotle - FINALLY! I'd been craving one of those big honkin burritos for like... EVAH! OK, so not ever but at least a week. It was delicious. I got my mom some chicken tacos to go and we were en route to Grandmas. I dropped Josh off, picked up a BEAUTIFUL piece of stained glass she made to donate to the Pack's Blue & Gold auction next month and headed back to the house. Andy had taken Drew to a birthday party at Laser Quest for one of Drew's best friend's since I was going to be busy with Josh that morning. However, once I got home, I wasn't feeling 100%. I finally was like... get me some cough medicine or SOMETHING ...I'm going to die!

Then at 3:40 a.m. Sunday morning, I abruptly awoke with Braxton Hicks. Something that's fairly normal for this stage but...the fact that they kept going... and going... and going.... and not stopping... I finally got up and tried to drink water, walk, something to make them stop. I went back to sleep about 6:20 am and slept until Drew came in for donuts. It's a weekend thing.

In the morning, I finally called the doctor and was told to monitor them, drink tons of water, and call back if anything changed. Monitoring... 9:32, 10:11, 10:50, 11:23, 11:44, 12:04, 1:02, 2:12, 3:04, 3:09, 3:22, 4:30, 4:34, 4:40, 5:06, 5:08, 5:23, 5:26, 5:51, 6:12, 7:09, 8:01 and that was the last one....

After talking to the nurse again, it seems dehydration.... and the severe bronchitis-like-coughing-up-a-lung-smoker's-hacky thing and symptoms could have definitely triggered everything to just freak out. I was told live on cough syrup until everything is back to normal. So... all day Sunday I spent the ENTIRE DAY IN BED. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a very, very, and let me be oh so direct -- VEEEERRRYY hard thing for this woman to do. I can't even sit still long enough to watch a freakin MOVIE and I had to lay in bed, eat in bed, get up only to pee... it was miserable! I feel SO SO SO sorry for those moms on bed rest! UGH... but I made it and slept, surprisingly, well.

When I woke up this morning, I felt a little woozy and nauseated... slight cramp in my lower left abdomen but for the most part, back to normal. Today I've had a couple of BH but nothing like it was and for that I am so very thankful. However, because of this, I feel that I can't make my wonderful trip to Canton to go flea market shopping this coming weekend. :( I'm pretty freakin' bummed about that I must say.

However, it's truly amazing to me what we women go through to bring people into this world... and I thank God above for keeping little bean (whatever-his-name is going to be) cookin' in the oven a little longer. I mean, I'd love to not have another 10 pounder again but lets shoot for a little more than 2 pounds. ;) I'm thinking a healthy 6-7 pound range would be perfect! :) ha ha

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chksngr said...

Nothing like pregnancy and chidbirth to remind a woman that, while she is strong and able to handle pretty much everything the world can throw at her, she is not completely invincible. Get as much rest as you can, girlie...and DRINK THAT WATER!!! HUGS!!