Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Andy and I go rounds about the Obama's. Neither of us like them. I think, however, that his view on some of the things concerning them is a tad skewed (just a tad) due simply to his gross disgust for them.

Michelle Obama's "mission" while being the First Lady is childhood obesity. It's an epidemic they say. So, Andy will say that he finds it funny how Michelle will go and make a speech about it and then the next day her hubs is out eating a double bacon cheeseburger or something. I'm like, HE ISN'T OBESE. I believe "everything in moderation" and, besides, he has people watching out for him and his health and seeing he exercises, etc.

So, because of that it's the "do as I say, not as I do" which, I give him, most politicians need to follow, he and I tend to be at odds on this mission of hers.

But one's diet is such a personal thing, I'm certainly not going to begrudge someone their cheeseburger -- if they're fit and healthy.

I do, however, feel like continued awareness needs to be made about the obesity problem but where in the world do you start?

When I actually watched television, Jamie Oliver did a show where he went into one area of the country and tried to convert the schools (who were feeding the children horrible food... everything was processed and fried and cheesy and creamy) to becoming more aware of perpetuating the expanding waistlines, heart disease and morbid obesity of this one community.

The schools hadn't any fresh foods on the menu. It was a hard sell but he started to make a difference. No one really wanted to hold up a mirror and see the ugliness they were doing to themselves, and more importantly, their children.

It seems like every news station has some feature at least weekly about this problem as well.

Additionally, I've got friends. (Surprising, I know). I've got friends with kids. These friends post pictures of their beautiful children on Facebook. I see some that have kids that are overweight and ... it makes me really sad.

Then, I go to Keller Pointe (the city's water park and rec complex) and I see these kids... some of these little boys have ROLLS and they're not even 8 or 9 years old yet. ROLLS??? Who in the world doesn't notice this kind of thing before it's beyond out of hand?

At what point do you look at your child and realize that THAT is NOT HEALTHY? That's not normal for a kid to have rolls of fat and visible cellulite at such an early age. I saw little girls in bikinis with stomachs and butts that are HUGE... and they're in a bikini? Not to mention the fact that I can't even imagine why a parent would buy their obese daughter a bikini (#1) or not do something about it before it got to the point that she's freakin' GIGANTIC?! It's just sickening.

That's when it's really going to have to be an ENTIRE FAMILY LIFESTYLE CHANGE. And, change is hard. But to combat this one child's problem, the eating habits of the ENTIRE FAMILY are going to have to change. It's not that one kid's problem - it's the PARENT'S PROBLEM AND RESPONSIBILITY. Someone has to do the shopping. Someone has to put their foot down and make the changes.... no processed foods, fill the plates half full with veggies... the other half with 25% lean protein and 25% grains. Lose the butter, creamy sauces, high fat dressings and RETEACH THOSE TASTE BUDS to learn to appreciate and real, unprocessed, whole foods. Lose the high sugar sodas, cookies, chips and candy... fill their stomachs with fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Take up exercise as a family and get fit together. Doing nothing isn't setting a good example for your kid... show them that NOT being fit isn't an option anymore.... that you're in this boat together. TEACH THEM HOW TO MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES!

My heart just breaks for these kids. I know how mean kids are. My 20 year reunion is around the corner and I still remember how mean some of the kids were in high school (not necessarily, to me, just in general).

Now, I don't know what it means to be the fat kid, but I certainly can't imagine that anyone wants to be like that. It's hard enough to just grow up... but to give people an instant reason to ridicule you... when kids sometimes don't have an option because they eat what their parents FEED THEM.

I can say, without a doubt in my mind that NO girl wants to have to have rolls, a belly and cellulite.... ever, let alone at the age of 8 or 9 or 10.

I can also attest by having boys that NO boy WANTS to have to wear clothes that should fit someone 15 years older than they are just because they're so morbidly obese.

It just saddens me... it really, really, saddens me. No one wants to be "the fat kid". No one. Why are these parents LETTING their kids BE THE FAT KID! We are a judgmental, first-impression society. No one will ever see your child as the beautiful person they are on the inside when they look like that on the outside. It's a sad, sobering, hard-core fact. And I sound like a real bitch for saying it.

I love and appreciate and find joy working with children... I've taught AWANA for years and Sunday School longer than I can remember. I've led a Cub Scout Pack and Den and have volunteered at the schools. I love kids. I love being around kids. But, I, too, see the hurt that this type of pressure places on them.

Kids don't always have the filter on their mouths and they hear things that would just break your heart from a very early age... I just find it so hard to believe that people are THIS CLUELESS ... they wouldn't dream of putting their kid in a car without a car seat or a seat belt to protect their outside... but what about their INSIDES? Just because you can't see their arteries and vainsdoesn't mean it's not even MORE important.... what you're FEEDING them... and what it's doing to them EMOTIONALLY!!! Many times, you can't ever fix's baggage they will carry with them for the REST OF THEIR LIVES!

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