Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Please tell me...

Please tell me that I'm not the only one that really finds it hard to not laugh and be excessively compassionate when your children don't listen to you, deliberately disobey and then get "hurt." I use that term loosely because the level of "hurt" is never fully understood at this house, it just depends upon whom inflicted said "hurt" and to what level of humility the "hurt" one claims to possess.

I think it tends to lend itself from the ages of 6-8.

Point in case we have a set of double doors that shut to close off the formal dining room from the kitchen (or, rather, what is SUPPOSED to be the formal dining room -- for us it's the playroom). Drew was HANGING from the two doorknobs. As in, he's in the middle of the door with his arms extended hanging from the knobs.

I said, "Drew, don't hang from the doorknobs, you're going to get hurt."

He continued to hang.

"Drew, get off the doors."

He tried to flip his feet up in the air (I don't know if he was attempting to do a flip or what) but duh the doors started to close... on his head.

Guess what, he immediately let go of the door knobs (since his head was wedged inside.)

Guess what, he got hurt.

Saving face, he just held his hands up to the sides of his head and stormed off (yeah, that's his annoying trait of the month... when things don't go to his liking he storms off in a huff with arms folded... like a little drama queen. It's annoying. I tell him he's acting like a girl. Yes, yes I do. I swear some days I'm going to give that kid a maxi pad with all the drama he spews.)

And I stood in the kitchen getting Ben out of his high chair letting everything unfold before me and, I just giggled (not aloud because then he'd REALLY have stormed off because he HATES to have ANYONE laugh at him.)

And as I type this... I sit here chuckling under my breath.

But, sometimes, it's good to just not say anything and let the life lessons happen... because if you've got boys, oh BOY will they happen.

Carry on!


chksngr said...

you are not the only one...Jay is 4. If this lasts until he's 8 the other one will just be getting started in this little adventure...I see years of chuckling and minor bruising ahead of me...

Alison @ Under the Big Oak Tree said...

It's funny, just today I was trying to put some of my 2 year old's toys away. She was being ornery and after I put her magna doodle into the cubby under her desk, she yanked it back out and it landed on her bare foot. As she screamed, instead of comforting her, I found myself saying..."that's what you get."

Gasp! The second the words were out of my mouth, I felt dreadful! I then consoled her and kissed her boo boo! :)