Sunday, June 12, 2011

May I whine?

Generally speaking, I'm a fan of Google. (Thank you, Manny.)

Andy doesn't like it since "the cloud" retains any and all information for unspecified amounts of time (probably infinity squared) but, truth be known, I have nothing out there that's really worthy of being held for vast amounts of time. So, I figure if they're excited to read my recipe list or search through my homeschooling bookmarks, more power to them (whoever they are). It'd probably be more fun to watch paint dry or watch the dust slowly settle on the shelves.

I'm a fan of change. Change is good. It keeps you on your toes. However, I like my change to more in a forward progression. Therein lies my problem.

I am/is/are/was/were a user of Microsoft Outlook. I'm a big fan of this application for a multitude of reasons.
  1. I like that it has an e-mail feature so that my accounts download straight to my tower.
  2. I love that it has a contacts feature that I can record birthdays, anniversaries and all kinds of information like my friend's husband's names and their children's names and birthdays in a notes feature.
  3. I love the calendar and how the birthdays are automatically added to the calendar as well.
  4. And, last, and certainly not least, I love, LOVE, and I mean LUUUUUURVE the task list.
The task list is ... unable to be duplicated. And that, my friends, is a huge friggin problem. HUGE.

I'm able to go to outside resources for everything ELSE (like the contact list, the calendar and the e-mail), but I can't find anything even remotely close or somewhat comparable to the task list in Outlook. So I'm screwed. IT sucks! Royally!

I've been even searching the Droid marketplace for an app for it. So far, nothing.

I DO have a Cozi account and that's nice. It has a calendar feature, too, but I won't use it, I just use the Google calendar. It also has a To Do list feature and it's where I store my grocery list. I like that I can use the laptop in the kitchen to add things to the grocery list as I run out and when I get to the store, bam, it's right there on my phone.

However, you can't assign deadlines.

What you can do is create to-do lists, check the items off (just as you would on the grocery list) and then just "un" check the items when you're ready to start over but what if you DON'T save it? What if you accidentally delete it.

But you can't instantly sort, you can't assign priorities, you can't categorize them, you can't do anything but type something in and check it off when you're done. And frankly, that's not good enough for me. And that causes me stress.

I need Microsoft to come up with a portable Outlook for my Droid! (if they have that, I think I may die!)

So, there's my whine for the day.

(Oh, and GO MAVS! They're playing for the championship tonight.)

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