Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

It's Father's Day today.

It's a day to honor the men...

... that carried us, rocked us, sang to us and shared our tears as infants
... that encouraged us to take our first steps to independence
... that were a constant when the boys of our youth let us down
... that helped pick us up when we fell... as youth and adults
... that always seemed bigger than life
... that taught us life lessons and sometimes even let us learn the hard way
... that were our teachers, friends, cheerleaders, mentors, and role models
... that always seem to know all the answers were much simpler than we thought
... that showed us what forgiveness was
... that were our first true loves
... that were our first heroes

whether by chance or by choice or simply by the grace of God, we honor those that stepped up and became what every child needs and deserves... a true, loving and doting father.

However, it's also a day to celebrate those that have become fathers...

... those that shared in the joys of the two pink lines
... that suffered along with you through the aches and pains of pregnancy (and delivery)...
... as well as the hormones that go along with that (God bless you all... yikes!)
... that take on the role of "provider" for the family
... that are the Christ-head of the household
... that aren't afraid to get on the floor and play Barbie without fear of "Man-card revocation"
... that teach skills about respect like only a man can do
... that step in and become fathers to those with none

It's a day to celebrate all that makes REAL MEN "men" because anyone can be a donor.... but it takes someone truly special to be a dad!

My dad gave up his home-cooked meal to go help out at a single-parent camp in Ruidoso, New Mexico. He does this every year but it just happened to fall on Father's Day weekend and that pretty much sums up just the kind of guy he is. He's giving up his time with his family to help be a mentor and role model to those who may not have that... hero in my eyes, indeed!

I will get to share this day, too, with my father-in-law, Ed Driggers, who is an incredible man of faith who I have learned a great deal from in the short time I've known him. He's ... well, he's just amazing. I hope and pray that my three boys grow up to be so much like the two dads in my life... if they do, I will be even more so abundantly blessed.

In honor of this special day, I do what I do best -- COOK!

Today's menu includes BBQ pork ribs, loaded twice-baked potatoes, buttery corn, buttermilk biscuits and a strawberry-spinach salad. Dessert will be a red velvet cake with homemade chocolate butter cream frosting. Decorations for that will be provided by Drew because that's his gift... because everything is better with sprinkles. (and you can quote him!)

So, I'll raise my glass of sweet tea in an honorary toast to all the men out there who are not only my family but also those that are friends who are also great dads!! CHEERS TO THE DADS!

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