Sunday, June 12, 2011

Snapshot of Drew...

Drew is almost 7.... and here's a snapshot of him.

  • The child is a Legomaniac. He has two under bed rolling storage tubs FULL OF THEM!
  • He lives to play with his friends... Jake, Hunter, Carson, Josh, Parker and Evan
  • He loves playing baseball. He's shortstop on the Red Sox.
  • He has a very sensitive heart but he's also a little toot in that if someone really hurts his feelings, I think before he ran away, he'd punch them in the nose (that's my boy!)
  • He loves the Lord and sings Bible songs all the time. "Blue skies and rainbows and sunbeams from heaven...."
  • He's a little picky when it comes to food. Not a lot, but somewhat. For instance, he won't eat a taquito (breakfast burrito) but he would eat eggs with a side of hash browns and bacon. But don't put them on bread, biscuits, a tortilla or an English muffin together! Don't you dare!
  • He is a Sponge Bob fanatic right now... it's neat to watch the tv phases the kids go through.... for a while it was Phineas and Ferb and now it's Sponge Bob.
  • His favorite treat? Chocolate chip cookies, Popsicles or Nerds.
  • The child is a numbers WHIZ! He can do things in his head that ... well, it's not NORMAL to do at his age. Seriously, a brainiac!
  • He is a skinny mini... he's already gone from a size 6 pant at the beginning of school and he's too tall for the 7s now. I guess 8 slims are where we will be for next school year for pants. I did go ahead and leave the size 7 shirts out.
  • He is in a size 1 1/2 shoe.
  • He loves doing science experiments of any sort.
  • He's reading on a 5th grade level. It's amazing.
  • He's going to have a Pirates of the Caribbean birthday party at the swimming pool next month. He's really looking forward to that.
  • He was in a photo in a local magazine featuring private schools. It's really cute.
  • He wants to learn to play the drums.

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