Sunday, June 12, 2011

Snapshot of Ben...

A snapshot of Ben

  • 14 months old
  • He's in size 12m clothes but can wear the 18m shirts well (he's got a big old head!)... 18m shorts just fall off him. Not a lick of fat on his body
  • He lives for his chocolate milk.
  • He doesn't say ANYTHING but rather reaches for the vicinity of what he wants and says loudly, "mmmmmm MMMMM MMMMMMM!"
  • He's facing forward in his car seat (I don't care what the "experts" say, he's a much happier camper and he can now watch Elmo -- that's more important, right?"
  • He wears size 4 diapers.
  • He's started trying to run a bit (I literally bite my tongue because I just hate the thought of the face plants -- although he's pretty good at catching himself now.)
  • He went to his first water park and loved, loved, loved playing in the water (Keller Pointe) but by the end he was shivering and his little lips were not pink but kinda blueish-purplish. Folks, the water was neither cold nor was it cold outside... it is summer -- in Texas. He just isn't used to cold(er) water than his bath tub. Just so you know!
  • He will eat any fruit (loves bananas and cantaloupe, blueberries and grapes). If I make a breakfast or snack of vanilla yogurt, granola, and strawberries/blueberries/bananas he HAS to have a bite. Has to!
  • He won't eat meat -- however, he DID eat about 1/4 of my chicken friand from La Madeleine yesterday when we took lunch to my mom (she had her other eye operated on last Tuesday and isn't supposed to be driving a lot.)
  • He likes to chase the dogs around and grab the skin on their backs in his hand. They generally just stand there until he's done looking all pitiful at me like, "Are you not going to save me?"
  • He is napping in the pack n play... goes down completely awake and takes a really good nap. It's wonderful.
  • He still sleeps right next to me.... and I absolutely love it. Sometimes when I'm not ready to go to sleep, I'll play Words with Friends on my phone and .. yes, the phone is bright. He will pop his head up and lean over by me and smack me right in the face like "HEY, put up the stupid phone. It's bright. Babies are trying to go to sleep now!
  • He still hasn't had a hair cut because I LOVE MY CURLS!
  • He wears shoes SOMETIME... not much. I love the pitter patter of little feet on the floors.
  • He will stack items (and loves to knock them down). He's quite interested in his shape sorter. He is good at putting the wooden shapes on the pegs (hand/eye coordination is amazing).
  • He understands LOTS of what you say.
  • He loves to be held. I love to hold him.
  • He has to have his silky blanket and his silky bear (it's a stuffed bear from the waist up attached to the middle of a silky blanket) to go to sleep... loves these items and rubs them on his cheek to fall asleep. So sweet.

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