Friday, July 27, 2007

Let's Cyber!

Cyber CROP -- get your heads out of the gutter! Geeze Louise! :) One of my favorite kit companies is having a cyber crop this weekend and I was working on a layout... it's simple, but very... appropriate. ;)

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I'll post more that I complete as the weekend progresses.

I have been quite the busy bee the last few days. Today I went to IKEA to pick up a desk for Josh -- a surprise for when he gets home... the computer will be running in his room. I was debating on getting a wireless hookup so that he could do his webkins stuff on it but that's going to have to wait... but it will have educational games he can get on. I know he's not at the age I have to worry about him surfing porn or anything so by that time, the computer will be moved out to the niche for few visibility. :) And I"ll put some type of restriction on the sites like wwjv... what would Jesus view...something like that

Drew gave me a big hug and said "mommy I so proud of you" for going to the bathroom in the potty (as if there's any OTHER choice for me)... nice to know I have cheerleader huh?

On the way home... he was SOOOO tired and I asked him if he wanted me to shut his movie off so he could relax and he said no. Then it was finally over and so I did shut it off and put on some relaxing music... he turned his head to the side and was SO sleepy. I asked him if he was tired while we were sitting in traffic and he said, "no, I just watching the trees" -- I'm on 121.... in traffic... NO trees I think he was just delusional! Note to self, he is just like his father... in complete denial when he falls asleep. LOL.. it was too funny.

I finished my newsletter layout for MOPS and got that submitted to the coordinator

I began working on cataloging all my stamps and finishing removing the last few from their rubber mounts (ugh I'll be SO glad when that's OVER!) I will NEVER buy wood stamps again if I can help it!

I bought a new duvet cover (LOVE IT!) getting some COLOR in my room -- got a bed skirt and two accent shams... going to have LOTS of pillows -- but I don't really know why... decorative pillows, in all actuality, are kind of stupid as they serve no REAL purpose... you put them on the bed just to make it pretty.. you don't lay on them, you don't sleep with them... you take them off the bed to USE the bed...?????? but WHY? and they're STUPID expensive? I don't get it... lol... so why did I do it? Who the heck knows! :)

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