Sunday, July 1, 2007

Can someone please tell Mother Nature....

it's not funny anymore... the punchline is gone... no one gets the joke... we're done. UGH?! If there could BE any more rain. The green at the end of the street is an ISLAND. I nearly had water coming IN MY HOUSE! I'm going to have to get some landscape specialists to come and either rebuild the retaining wall so that it's not flooding my yard with ALL of the runoff from my neighbor OR have someone come install an iron gate so that I don't have to worry about water being held up with the wooden fence that is currently there.... and get the air conditioning unit raised about 6" since the water keeps flooding it. I'll post a few of the pictures in a little while.

It's about more than I can bear right now... it's INSANE!

Went and ate catfish with mom tonight... YUM YUM... gotta go be with the boys... was just checking the weather online thought I'd vent. :) Should have made me feel better huh? Well, it didn't! LOL... j/k

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