Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

I got this kind of as a "tag" from another blogger and thought... hey, this sounds like fun.... so enjoy and then I'd love to get a link to your answers on your blogs! Basically just copy it all and then delete everything after the words in caps... fill in your own answers.

1. I WANT to be so good at something it gives people goose-bumps.

2. I HAVE to learn patience (is it too late for me?)

3. I WISH I could squeeze more hours into a day.

4. I HATE that I let the OCD-clean-organized freak in me take my quality moments away from me and my family. I need to learn that it can wait... spending time with them cannot.

5. I MISS the mountains.

6. I HEAR playful giggles from my little Power Ranger and it just tickles me.

7. I WONDER if I will ever feel totally comfortable in my own skin.

8. I REGRET my words and actions when they disappoint the ones I love.

9. I AM NOT sure what I want to be when I grow up!

10. I DANCE in my car... it's a sickness I know. I think it comes from lots of Wiggles cd's.

11. I SING very very loud and all the time. Music is a passion of mine and I love to sing.

12. I CRY at the drop of a hat -- it used to bother me but God gave me my emotions for a reason and as long as it's not the "ugly face" cry... I'm okay with it.

13. I AM NOT ALWAYS a morning person... but I try to be.

14. I MAKE WITH MY HANDS a legacy for my children to hopefully know and remember me long after I'm gone.

15. I WRITE to express my thoughts, goals, dreams, memories and to leave a piece of me in all I do.

16. I CONFUSE myself trying to navigate anywhere... I'm HORRIBLE with directions.

17. I NEED prayer, good friends, close family and my faith.

18. I SHOULD eat better and exercise more.

19. I START to interrupt people too much... it's part of my "G.S." (gnat syndrome)... I wish I didn't just lose my train of thought so easily.

20. I FINISH cleaning up before starting a new project... I won't allow myself to move on without having a clean slate. (again, the OCD in me)

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