Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make Mine Mini

I'm currently working on an 8x8 mini album of a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo that Josh and I took... oh... about 3 1/2 years ago! Have I been lacking some mojo? Heck yeah, but it's back in full force. I think it's going to be greatness!

The plans are finalized for Drew's birthday party. I think he's really goign to have a good time. And with a Spiderman cookie cake, you just can't go wrong!

I think I was working on getting some type of a kidney infection -- you know, you'd think I'd work on something a little more fun huh?-- so I bought some 100% cranberry juice today. I've never HAD 100% cranberry juice. Typically it's a cranberry juice cocktail juice with 27% cranberry... and NOW I know why... you know the commercials with the bitter beer face? Multiply that times about in-freakin-finity and that's how sour and dry mouthed 100% cranberry juice will make you. Ugh! It was a nightmare!

I am now the Pack Secretary for our Cub Scout Pack... kind of a neat deal...we've got so many good leaders processing out through atrition... if we can, we've gotta step up and make sure this Pack stays successful. :)

I talked to Josh last night... he's not having the most fun in Iowa after all. He has to go to a home-based daycare all day while his dad and Kelly are at work and he really doesn't like it at all. He'd never tell his dad that because he wouldn't want to hurt his feelings. And, that's such a noble trait at such a young age but I really, sometimes, just wish he'd grow a pair and worry about HIS feelings for a change. He told me the girl that watches him makes him finish all of whatever he has to drink "because she said she has to pay for it"... I'd like to have a few words with this lady. She's also a firm believer in the "happy plate" which we do not do at this house. You eat until you are full and then you are done. Listen to that little trigger in your brain that tells you you've had enough... don't just keep eating because there's still food on your plate. With the obesity epidemic in this country, we should really teach our children to learn to listen to that little voice ... embrace that they can't just stuff it full of cheetoes and shut it up like the rest of us do! Ha!

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