Friday, June 29, 2007

Found a new store I thought I'd share

I had three birthday parties to buy gifts for today (the parties aren't today but if you're goign to shop for one, might as well get the other two out of the way while you're out, right?). I racked my brain thinking hmm.... what to buy for an 8 year old boy (NOT that I don't already HAVE one, mind you) and thought, well, I could get crafty and MAKE something but what 8 year old and what 3 year olds want or would appreciate anything handmade.... I see you shaking your head.... right -- none of them. Gifts to wrap, that was the ticket. :)

So where can I go -- that's NOT Target or Wal-Mart to get something fun, unique and unusual? Then, I remembered a new store that I saw that I wanted to go into that was full of learning toys. It's next to the Central Market in Southlake..... Learning Express Toys It was FULL of ... well, FUN! It was mostly educational toys but had some fun mixed in there too. I could have spent hours reading over the walls of board games they had in there.... I definitely know where all of our birthday presents will be coming from from now on! It was just THE neatest store that I'd been into in a while. Drew had fun playing with their section in the middle that had all these bins full of stuff you'd put in goody bags. They had one bin full of little cars and train cars and helicopters and boats...and then he pulled out a green slug bug (Volkswagon beetle) and he said, "MOMMY LOOK!!!! GREEN HERBIE CAR!" It was beyond adorable! Why do I not have a camera during these moments? Ugh

I tried so hard to be good today, was planning on eating my salad leftover from last night's dinner for lunch but I was shaking so bad from hunger by the time I dropped Josh off that I had to get food...and I had to get it immediately! I stopped off at Panda Express -- Oh, I love their mushroom chicken... mmmmmmmmmmm... :) Eating it now. Shame on me, I know..but hey, I'm not shakey anymore! Ha!

And if ya'll can say a quick prayer for Tristen... he's in the hospital. Not sure what all is wrong... lethargic, lots of swollen glands in and around the neck area... he's 9... I don't know if he's being admitted or what at this point but prayers are prayers....and that's what he needs right now!

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