Friday, June 22, 2007

Hormonal Hostage

Between going on some pills, getting off some pills, I think my hormones have been held hostage. I think I'm just done with pharmaceuticals in general. I'm left now with this huge bloated feeling like I'm having PMS... and frankly I don't want PMS for like...3 weeks... nor does anyone around me! So today... I just stick it all in a drawer and say... fuggetaboutit!

I was looking up some sights/sounds of Disney today... getting excited about that. :) I can't wait. M-I-C--- SEE YA REAL SOON! K-E-Y -- WHY BECAUSE WE NEED A VACATION! MOUSE!

I was thinking today... that there is a loss in the world, of the human touch. Before e-mail, before PDA's, I-POD's, before Tivo and all that junk... people took the time to write letters to one another.... that's something tangiable that you can really hold onto and cherish. I think I'm going to take the time to make a habit of once a month, writing a letter to my children to tell them, just what wonderful things they accomplished that month, how I feel, where we are, what impresses me, what I miss about them... something that when I'm gone from this earth, they can look back on and really hang onto it... it's not going to be something that a hard drive can erase.. it's going to be something they can hold onto and treasure that their mom loved them enough... enough to take the time to let them know how important they were... even when they won't know it until they're much older... what a wonderful way for them to be able to look back on their journeys as young men... what a gift to myself when my freakin memory is all gone taht I'll be able to have them read it to me... Ha! :)

Today is Josh's last day of camp... so far he's had a great time. Jackson and Austin have been his little running buddies... we've got a busy weekend coming up which is nice. I like having a full day planned! :)

You know what else.. I need a stapler! I went in my studio to scrap today and was just at a loss without my stapler! So wake up little suzie... it's time to go shopping for a stapler!


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