Monday, June 18, 2007

I !@#!#@%$!# LOST IT!

Ever had something that you basically need to do ANYTHING... and you LOST IT?! That's me... I LOST MY FREAKIN DRIVER'S LICENSE! I remember having it at Wal-Mart... in my hand... walking out the door and whoosh, the sky started falling so I just shoved it in a bag with some cereal in it... now I have no clue where it may be. And is it something that you can just... order a copy online and have it sent to you? Good GAWD no! You have to go down there amid the illegal aliens and testing rejects (no offense -- i'm just irritated)... and wait.. wait...wait...wait... I had to dig out certified court copies, social security card, etc. It's just beyond retarted taht I can't order one's not like I'm going to change any information... just a complete reprint of what they already have on file... Sigh... governmental regs just put so much red tape on everything! It's maddening!

I was so frustrated with the waiting idea... I said -- FRIGGIT! and went to lunch... dessert was the best... I thinkI just have a thing for it. (I could live on cupcakes you know!) That's one of my favorite foods -- well, unless you ask JOSH... he listed my 3 favorite foods as BEER, apples and bananas! I was like...?? /when was the last time YOU saw me drink a freakin beer!?! What a little nuthead!

He's at camp this week. I can't wait to hear how his day went... speaking of which... I'm gonna go grab a nap until time to pick him up.... after the deluge we got last night... and the fact that I only got about 3 hours of sleep...a nap sounds uber good (does anyone use that word? LOL.. I have no idea where it even came from)

sigh.... here I come... naptime...mmm....

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