Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rain, rain go away!

Got to bed late last night / this morning. Ha! Woke up to the sound of binkies being smacked on the headboard in Drew's room through the monitor by my bed on the nightstand. He hasn't learned yet to just call out, "Mom, I'm awake.... or HEY YOU COME GET ME" That'd be better than that annoying little click of the binkies bashing together as he taps out signals in Morse Code for me to decypher and run to his rescue. :) Maybe it's a code only those in Pampers can understand... Instead of the Davinci Code, he's speaking the Pampers Code.

We were supposed to have a birthday party to attend at Bedford Splash. I know Drew and Josh were both looking forward to it. But... it's raining. Blah!

Drew's all about the birthdays now. He doesn't really understand but he knows it means parties and I think he thinks they're all for him. So, it's a great thing to NOT open presents at parties for little kids. I like that NOT opening presents at a party is the new trend because it just saves chaos and tears. :) I like not having chaos and tears.

So what have I done today? I went to The Dinner Station in Southlake and picked up 12 dinners all prepared for me... for $195! What a deal! I can't wait to try it.

I counseled Corey on a new cologne -- told him to get Armani Code -- OMG I love that stuff... I wear it... it smells SO darn good! :) I think if crack were a fragrance, that would be the one. :) MOO ha ha ha ha ha!

As it stands right now, we're watching Tom and Jerry. I just baked a batch of M&M sugar cookies for the boys. The dogs are passed out -- Thor in the floor -- Lola behind me in the chair -- Sadie curled in a ball on the couch next to Drew (well, she comes and goes - he's a wiggle worm and won't leave her alone so sometimes she runs to the other chair)... in the next little bit we've got to run to Wal-Mart HELL and pick up some necessities. Crazy how I can pick up 12 dinners and not have anything set out for dinner tonight! Ha! I freakin froze it all... DUH!

OH.. and Coke stopped making my FAVORITE DRINK! Diet Black Cherry with Vanilla Coke - -it was THE best...and they STOPPED MAKING IT! :( And Cheer quit making my high-effiency washer detergent! I love the smell of Cheer -- I had to buy Tide b/c that's all the had but I wasn't happy about it! Funny how we can get so brand/scent/taste loyal... and who do these big ole companies think they are stopping making my favorite stuff? Bastages!

Oh well, off to more mommy duty. :)

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