Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stand By Me but don't talk!

Ever got one of those old movies from when we were kids, that'd be great to share with MY child. Well, don't get Stand By Me! It's rated freakin PG and I think they have every bad word in there under the sun! I heard G.D., A-hole, and the "f" bomb on more occasions than I would like to remember in a matter of like 10 minutes. I was completely taken aback! :( Maybe this movie would be better if they just didn't talk.

Drew is, I think, feeling a little under the weather. He's not eating worth a darn... is extremely fussy... I hate it when he gets like this.

I got my CTMH order this afternoon! I can't wait to get started on my Stamp-A-Stack projects for my classes next month. :) It will be fun... I just hope everyone wants to take the time TO do it.

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