Monday, June 25, 2007

Pass the cheese, please

Have you ever looked back on the movies you really dug as a kid...they were cool, exciting, new... only to watch them as an adult and realize just how completely STUPID they were?! I swear I LOVED Conan the Destroyer when I was a kid and as Josh lies on the couch right now watching it while smacking his Big League Chew... I realize just how gay it is! Good GRIEF Charlie Brown! Clash of the Titans is another one...but I'm still not sure it's as bad as this one...
so hmm... wonder what other movies would hit that quota in my book. I remember when I was married to Bob we watched the movie "Cabin Boy" with Chris someone... Elliott maybe? I don't remember his last name... but it was the single most insanely stupid movie I have ever seen. I just sat there thinking that ... surely it HAS to get better than this... then I realized that was two hours of my life that I could never get back.. I wanted to hurt someone! LOL

I have spent most of the day trying to recuperate from the weekend... I was very tired, a little sunburned but all in all it was FANTASTIC! :)

Josh went to Six Flags and rode the Titan with his Great Uncle Russell. He isn't tall enough to ride the Batman but I told him when he was, that I'd ride it with him. :) So, oh boy... what fun I have to look forward to. Places like that are just a whippin to me now... I know we have to do it just because it's for the kids but darnit sometimes if you just don't want to. :)

Right now, Lola is curled up behind me in her spot on my chair... Drew is running around like a crazy man being a Power Ranger hyped up on Jolt Cola... I'm wondering where the day went... the wet, humid dreary rainy day we had... I would have preferred a Sangria by the pool... aaahh... but alas... rainy skies and children quickly throw rocks at that little glass house. :)

Not much else to report... Oh, I'm trying to plan a shin dig for my family next Labor Day -- a family reunion -- yes... I know, I need to be committed the things I elect to do but I'd really love to get to see my dad's side of the family on more than one occasion (funerals)... in the recent past, I had three people within three days tell me someone they loved had passed... leads you to understand and appreciate the time you get with your kinfolk... so I'm going to try to make the most of the time with mine. :)

Bed time for the beasts... Moo ha ha ha ha ha... later taters

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