Friday, June 15, 2007

You Wanna Scrap with Me?

Ha ha... if I only had the Italian accent to really make that sounds MEAN! Ha!

We were going to start out our day at the swimming pool but darnit if I didn't wake up to rain. And the first thing I thought of was that Gary Alan song, "Songs About Rain." Man he's so darn sexy... got that smokey voice... mrow! :) sigh... I think he's going to be my Zune choice for the night. :)

I had to get on to Josh today for telling a lie. Got that good ole Catholic guilt trip going... should have shouted "Pack your bags, we're going on a guilt trip".... but at least they work ... for now.

The conversation started something like... him asking if he could let the dogs in…and I said YES -- AS LONG AS you check their feet and wash them off if they’re dirty. Simple enough. Right? I walk back into the room to see Josh putting a puzzle together at the coffee table and there’s freakin mud slides everywhere (from Thor the wonder Rot). So, of course, I pointed it out...

I said, "So, what’s that?"
Josh said, "I was about to clean it" (as he's now moving to see what I'm talking about)
I was like, "Did you check his feet?"
"Did you wash them off?"
"With what?"
"A napkin" (boy he can think fast on his feet can't he?)
"WHERE is this napkin?"
"In the trash."

So we proceeded to walk to the trash can. He tried to tell me that the napkin he used to clean all the mud off of Thor's feet is the one that is located beneath a cantaloupe that I'd used to pick it up earlier (did you know they get soft and gooey if you don't eat them in a week? HA ha ha).

So I bluntly said, "That’s a lie… that’s a ridiculous lie… and now I’m freakin irritated… you just LIED to me… go sit in time out.. I’m too disappointed in you to talk…. Just go sit."

And that’s when I was quiet for about 5 minutes…then said to him…

"Do you know why I’m so upset right now?"
“...because I lied”…
“No, actually it’s not just that. My job -- my very job on this planet -- is to make sure that you and Drew are responsible, caring, independent individuals who know the difference between what is right and what is wrong and that you DO what is right and that you conduct yourselves in a Godly way… and by you having lied to me… means that I have failed miserably.”

I think if it'd have been Drew, he'd have shrugged his shoulders and said "man it sucks to be you, huh?" Boy are they night and day. Takes all kinds to make the world go round huh? BUT I love 'em both... to pieces!

Somewhere in the aftermath of it all, I did remind him that if you lie about little things like this that really don’t matter at all… when you really want people to believe in you, they won’t. To just think about that… And that he'd have to earn my trust back now.

So on to other things....

Drew is having a chocolate chip cookie after devouring about 6 dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. He thought he needed more "kep-pup" (ketchup) but I showed him how he only had one chicken nugget left so he really didn't need more. "okay mom, thanks".... he's SO polite... I think that's the balancing act for his two-year old tantrums. :) Boy are THOSE fun!

Oh well, off to Colleyville. Hopefully there's a margarita in the very near future. ;) moo ha ha ha ha ha I don't think I've ordered pictures for this WHOLE year.. .man I need to get busy!

I'm so glad my good friend Amanda is going tonight. I haven't seen her in what feels like forever...but she's just THE digital BOMB! If anyone wants to check out a digital diva... that'd be her! :) Amanda Dykan. Let me find her site and I'll put it up here for you to go check her out!

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