Saturday, December 27, 2008

and when it rains...

it just keeps on raining, doesn't it? I feel that way sometimes... and generally I TRY to be a glass-half-full kinda girl. But I'm an optimistic pessimist. :) At least that way I'm not shocked either way. But the plumbing at my house has gone from bad to worse... my toilet... has had the flap replaced (not by a professional) but now instead of just flushing and walking away.. you have to HOLD the handle down to make sure the flush "takes." It's beyond annoying.

The guest bath downstairs... if you don't stay by it when you flush to "jiggle" the handle, the toilet will just run.

Then both toilets upstairs appear to have a leak somewhere because they BOTH flush on their own. So, I need ALL FOUR toilets in my home completely gutted and overhauled.

Couple that with the outdoor spigot outside in the front of the house that I can't seem to get to shut off completely.... the dishwasher that one out of every four washes doesn't drain all the way...

and I feel like a call to Roto Rooter is in order! :( I hate the thought of that though.... I just hear "ka ching" just saying it.

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chksngr said...

Water and electricity are the two things where I will always call a repair person...I have visions of Money Pit when I think of doing those sorts of repairs seriously, ALL of the toilets???? That must be some kind of curse!!!