Friday, December 19, 2008

Never tell a secret to a 4 year old

SOMEone decided to bring in the boxes that contain my gifts... and Little D was so obsessed to see what was in it so he could come running around the corner to tell me I had pajamas with snowflakes on it... So the cat is out of the bag... BUT it's something I ALWAYS love to get -- NEW PJ's! :)

Then Josh just passes by with a "newsflash"...

"Mom", he says smiling to hide a laugh, "we have no idea how to wrap. Part of the box is showing."

Then he hits the gift wrap center of the house... and takes scissors, three rolls of paper, tape and a big ole grin back to the closet and shuts the door.

Amazingly Drew hasn't come in here eager to spill more beans. :) (darn)

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MaryC said...

I love your kid stories! We all get pj's every year. It's a tradition. The sons in laws didn't get it at first...they don't wear pj's. I told them that was not information for their mother in law and that they wore pj's now. And they do.
Glad you are back...I missed your blog.