Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve...

The posts are going to be out of order as I play catch up for the last month over the next two weeks while Josh is in Iowa visiting his father (he leaves the 26th). That will give me the opportunity to download many photos - upload them to Photobucket - and make my entries. I've actually started a new habit of carrying my dictaphone around with me.. in the car... in my pocket to just record tid bits of information as I go on about my day since I know that I don't have as much time before the computer as I usually did now that I'm homeschooling Joshua (and, honestly, I don't mind a bit!)

This day started out great -- up early with a family breakfast casserole... baked some homemade chocolate chip cookies... sugar cookies... wrapped some gifts... dad showed up and wrapped some of his gifts and THANK GOD the UPS driver made it here with the grandparent photo books I do every year! I can't say enough good things about Snapfish for their excellent shipping this time of year! I'm DELIGHTED... and WHEW! ha ha! Talk about cutting it close!

Today is Christmas Eve... this is the evening that Mary and Joseph ceased their travels... no room for them in the inn and so she took up in a stable... amid animals... and proceeded to give birth to the King of the World. What humble beginnings. For any day when you think that you've got it bad... just imagine from where He began... and know that you, too, can do great things.

Tonight just before coming down here, I gave Little D a dose of over-the-counter flu meds (which probably means he'll be waking up early when they wear off)... because he's had a pretty nasty cough and small fever today... I let them both open their only present they get to open on Christmas Eve at OUR house (jammies). Matching red plaid Christmas jammies. They loved them and immediately put them on. :) Little D had to have safety pins placed on both sides since he's such a skinny little toot. Big J's were a tad long so they were cuffed at the bottom but they both get SO excited for their new Christmas jammies. At first, when I was going to let them open this ONE present... Little D was SO excited at the though... he started to go get the one present he made for his dad and give it to him (he handpainted a wooden plaque with an orange Christmas tree). He really is SO very proud of it.. and he just wants so badly to give someone else something that HE DID all by himself! I just love the fact that EVEN AT FOUR he truly delights in the joy of giving. I need to be sure to continue to feed that spirit of giving always. Since his Christmas party at school, he's been going around the house finding all kinds of things to stick in gift bags to give to people -- never mind you that it didn't always belong to him, nor was it always new -- but I am proud of the fact that he is looking for opportunities to gift people because it makes him happy inside. :) Proud momma moment.

I am so thankful for so many things this season. I'm thankful for employment and income that keeps our family housed, warm, fed and entertained. I'm thankful that I and those that I love are healthy. I'm so thankful for my wonderful family that love me despite my MANY faults. I am thankful for my friends... especially the ones in cyberspace that I truly haven't even "met" but without them... would really feel lost... you know who you are. I'm thankful for those who reach out to help others... for our police and firemen and doctors and nurses that are away from their families on nights like this being in service to others.

I'm so thankful that Big J still believes in Santa this year. I was sure that last year was the last one and especially as much as he's been SO doubtful this year... he checks out EVERY ONE of their beards to see if it's real or not... it was getting to the point that I ACTUALLY considered spilling the beans just because I figured... man, he's going to be SO PISSED OFF when he finds out the "truth"... but... I thought... I don't want him to not believe.

The tradition in my family on Christmas Eve is to spend it with my dad's side of the family (my folks are divorced) and so every Christmas Eve I always looked forward to this special time with the Wesson clan. It's never been about presents but about family... fellowship.

This year we drove the hour to my cousin's in McKinney. Their new house is beautiful. She's SUCH a great decorator. She needs to come do my house! I think I will MAKE her do my house! ha ha! I'll trade her... I'll scrapbook her pages...she decorates my house! Sounds like a fair trade right? Ha! We got there... let the boys reacquaint themselves as cousins/friends... ate... played a game called "Battle of the Sexes" let the kids each open a present... They got a board game together... Big J got a chemistry set (he loves it) and Little D got some shake n go race cars... They all got to try out the Wii bowling game... seemed fun. I didn't play... I talked with my cuz! I miss her living closer... She's such a great person!

The greatness came upon leaving... as we were walking out the door, we saw what was obviously a plane...and then, in the sky... what do my wondering eyes should appear... but ... a light... with a red one before it... it really DID look like Santa's sleigh. The boys BOTH saw it and Josh was SO excited to get home... HURRY HURRY so we don't miss Santa! He stared at the sky just trying to either find a way to DISprove it OR to just let it soak in that THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! It was so cool. Then he got in the car and just leaned over next to me and wrapped an arm around my arm and said, "I'm so happy." Then Drew leaned over on the other side and quietly said, "I love you." THAT moment, completed my entire day in bliss.

We get home... the boys bring in their loot -- dad is upstairs in Josh's room and Josh is in the playroom (I'm sure NOT sleeping yet -- who can sleep when they're so excited?) I went in Drew's room to read them Jan Brett's beautifully illustrated version of The Night Before Christmas... and Drew asked for two extra hugs. Then by the glow of his little starlight Christmas tree, he said with much anticipation in his voice, "Santa's coming tonight... and he's bringing me lots of toys." I just smiled and tucked him in a little tighter and said, "he sure is, but you have to get to sleep first." I love how they both believe... I love the innocence of youth. I love that they don't NEED proof to really, REALLY believe.

It's like... Jesus... you can't "see" him... you can't scientifically "prove" him... you just have faith in your heart that He IS and so He is. As youth, with pure hearts... your word IS good enough for them... and I'm happy to let them delight in the fun of this annual event. I look forward to their faces in the morning... are they over-indulged -- absolutely! Do I care? Absolutely not? Why? Because it fills me with SO MUCH JOY just watching them have a blast opening gifts and wnating to play with everything all at once... I just love it! I love having a chance to be excited about Christmas again for the childlike reasons...

Being a grown-up you get to think about the OTHER reasons behind such a day... it's a beautiful story... but having BEEN a woman in labor -- I certainly can't even imagine! Wow. I don't know if it's just the hormones in me since having children or just that as you get older, you really do understand things so much clearer -- but there aren't many truly spiritual Christmas songs that I can sing, or even hear without completely tearing up... My God moves me THAT MUCH! To me THAT is a wonderful thing.

I've got some last minute wrapping to do .... some cookies to leave out and then eat... (darn)... some carrots to leave out as well... but I want to take this time... to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

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