Saturday, December 25, 2010

Adventures in Advent - Day 25 - It's a Wrap

Merry Christmas!

We made it to Christmas and while we didn't get to every activity on every day, at least it was planned so that we had opportunities to have fun. The boys really looked forward to going through their bag every day to see what little candy was inside. They took turns reading the cards and really enjoyed the little crafts I threw in just to add a little extra "fun" element to do.

What helped me most this year was printing out a blank December calendar and putting the more labor intensive activities on Fridays, Saturdays and the week before Christmas. I saved the less involved activities for days when the boys were still in school.

Next year, what I intend to do is purchase a large paper mache box and wrap it as if it were a Christmas gift and set it beneath their advent tree. Each day that they open their advent calendar bag, if there is something else they need to do (say, tape, scissors and paper to make paper snowflakes) the supplies will already be gathered and ready for them to roll. Live and learn.

I loved having the opportunity to have the movies planned out.

Next year, too, we will be doing a book of the day that will coincide with a bible verse or a theme or something. While we did read some Christmas books, we didn't read enough of them and I got some more great ones from I've seen one idea to wrap up a book and number it for each day since books are really a great gift to us to use our imaginations! I will probably do that along with the Advent.

Next year, I will also have them open their Advent bags the MINUTE they walk in from school or early in the morning so they know what fun they have to look forward to right then!

Next year, too, one of our activities will be to make snowman ornaments from balls and white paint.... maybe go Christmas caroling.... make hot chocolate from scratch... partake in a Jessie Tree... and make the ornaments to go along with it.

I hope maybe my Advent will give you inspiration to try to make one on your own next year! I PROMISE ... ANYTHING will be better than those little chocolate ones that have no meaning behind them!

But more importantly, I hope you have a Merry CHRISTmas!

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