Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Film fatalities

Drew has been missing having his big brother to chum around with the past few days. He called up his Paw Paw yesterday to see if he wanted to do something, "Just the two of us."

Dad picked him up a little after 11 o'clock to go see Gulliver with Jack Black. They got their tickets. They got their popcorn and drinks. They sat down and were there waiting. The lights dimmed, it started but there was only sound, no picture. After about thirty minutes, they came on to tell them that they couldn't get it fixed. Film fatality.

Dad was reimbursed for everything (including the popcorn and drinks) and even received two free movie tickets. Drew was majorly bummed but, now he's across the street playing with his buddy, Hunter.

Better luck next time, huh?

That's not the first time I've had someone fall victim to a film fatality!

I remember being at the theater when "Saving Private Ryan" was out. It was the battle scene at the bridge... you know the one toward the end of the movie. You're so sucked into the movie at that point that there's no way you'll leave even to pee. You've been sitting in your seat for a couple of hours at least... it's just that good. Then, all of a sudden, the screen goes completely white. The film shot off the reel and was streaming onto the floor of the photo booth upstairs (per the manager). There was no way they'd be able to fix it in time for us to see it.


We were all like, "You have GOT to be kidding me!"

Less than thirty minutes to the end of the movie and they flub it up!?! Yeah! Talk about a major disappointment... but they'll give us free movie passes to come back and catch it again another day. Who has three hours to just piss away twice in a week? No one I know! I was so disappointed. We went the next day or so and told the manager who we were and what had happened. He let us sneak in the last 30 minutes of another show that was already in progress just to have some CLOSURE for that movie.

That's not a movie you want to screw up the ending. Honestly, it was hard to have that emotional attachment again since we'd missed all the beginning of the movie that second time but man, it was still majorly emotional.

Just proves that when there are humans involved, there will be film fatalities... and we're not even talking about the fatalities on the film!

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