Friday, December 10, 2010


I was reading an article called "Is Your Soap Making You Sick?" by Gina Roberts-Grey in the recent Nu Image magazine I received in the mail yesterday. Normally, I don't read these because they're full of spat treatments, plastic surgery, botox, tanning, microdermabrasion and things that I don't do. Why waste my time? Right?

Today I chose to thumb through while I'm supposed to be online Christmas shopping becuase Ben is napping in his swing... and the article caused me some concern.

It talks about how cosmetic products like soaps and shampoos contain ingredients with either diethanolamine (DEA) or triethanolamine (TEA) based compounds. These cause the foaming "cleansing" action we're all used to...

It speaks of how these types of products are banned in Europe because of their known carcinogenic effects! Then why are we still letting people put these items ON THEIR SKIN IF WE KNOW THEY CAUSE CANCER? Geez louise!

The article is disturbing at best but I'm really glad I read it. It suggested, although expensive, to buy CERTIFIED ORGANIC cleansers because they will NOT contain these compounds.

There was a sidebar that listed "Shopping for Children's Soaps and Shampoos".... and then listed ones that CARRY these kinds of toxins in them -- Baby Magic Laugh & Splash, Looney Tunes Finger Paint Bubble Bath, Phisoderm Gentle BAby Skin Cleanser... among others. Scary, huh?

It gave a list that I'm going to copy verbatim that gives common ingredients that MAY contain DEA or TEA:

Cocamide DEA
Cocamide MEA
DEA-Cetyl Phosphate
DEA Oleth-3 Phosphate
Lauramide DEA
Linoleamide MEA
Myristamide DEA
Oleamide DEA
Stearamide MEA
TEA-Lauryl Sulfate

Scary, we tend to just think of ourselves with make-up, moisturizers and the like. Could you imagine what a lifetime of these bad products seeping into a baby's, toddler, child, teen's system could then cause?

Our world scares me sometimes...

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