Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm quick on the keyboard

It's a blessing and a curse that I type so fast. I can type between 90-100 words per minute on the keyboard.

It's a blessing in that I can get great amounts of information OUT before I forget them! Ha! It's a curse because others know this as well.

Take Drew for instance. Tonight, he picked up the Dr. Seuss book "One Fish, Two Fish..." and asked me to ... "just type it in for me. The whole thing."

He wanted me to type in a whole book for him?

"Why?" I asked. "You have it all printed out and illustrated in the book."

Apparently, he just thought he needed it.

No, I didn't type it. I have a lot of things I'll do for my kids but that just seemed silly.

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Keli said...

hahahahaha that's sooooo funny!!