Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Today was the day of my birth 38 years ago at Baylor Hospital of Dallas. I have inquired as to my birth story from my mom because while I'm sure I've asked over the years, I have never taken the time to write it down. You know the whole, "Oh, I'll remember THAT." Only to realize later that you've long forgotten what THAT was!

I asked my dad not too long ago how they chose my name and he said that he just kind of liked it. I like that answer. Short and sweet. Kinda like me - ha!

So far the day started well... Josh's dog, Sadie, stretched a little too much when she was waking up, got tangled up in the covers and fell out of the bed taking the monitor and the telephone with her. I was laughing so hard, I woke up Ben. It was just the sort of moment that seems to fill my life. And a constant reminder why I must laugh often... since these silly moments seem to be ever-present. To get upset with a drowsy dog who made me laugh would just be pretty pathetic, don'tcha think?

Typically, as a family we go out to dinner with parents and "celebrate" (so to speak) this day but tonight, I think I'm going to stay home... I like home. I'll have Andy grill some steaks and I'll make a big salad, some twice baked potatoes and asparagus.

I think, too, I'll make a cake and let the boys decorate it for me because... on your birthday, you have gotta have cake! It's a rule!

Right now it's peaceful in our abode. Ben is snoozing in the swing. Josh and Drew are decorating mini gingerbread houses and I'm coughing. Yeah, nothing like a little bronchitis for your birthday, huh? (It's not bronchitis, but it's enough of a cough to give our bladder a test!)

I logged into Facebook this morning and had so many greetings from my friends -- past and present. It's nice to know that people appreciate that you were placed on this planet... and it's a genuine sign of many lives you've (hopefully positively) impacted. I'm thankful for the gift of friendship so many have bestowed upon me.


Keli said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! Your dinner sounds fantastic! What time? I'll bring an EXTRA cake and some presents! LOL

Seriously though, have a GREAT day. Although it sounds like you already are. :)

Holly said...

Have a very happy birthday!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Happy Birthday April! Enjoy your cake.

Brandt! said...

happy birthday to you!!!!! I'm sorry, I would have wished you sooner .. but was totally not aware and my teenage girl has been hogging my laptop!!!
Many happy more birthdays!!