Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The beginning of the end...

It's a big day in my house today....

No. I didn't win the lottery.

No. Drew hasn't lost any fangs.

No. Josh hasn't come home with all A's on his report card.

Ok... would you just let me finish?

Today is the day I've declared that we will START weaning Ben. I am not doing this willingly, however. It's a matter of necessity if I want to keep my nipples attached to my body. YOu see, little man Ben, he likes to bite. He's quite proud of those two little chompers.

Our nursing sessions typically go like this... suck, suck, suck, waiting for milk to let down, suck, suck, suck, suck... where is the milk -- I'm STARVING... NIP. Not "nip" as in "nipple" but "nip" as in--I think I'm going to bite mom to let her know that I really am hungry because she obviously doesn't know--nip. Every.Single.Time. It ends in a nip. Well, today, it was a full on bite. I've taken this every day for the last couple of weeks and nothing is working so... simply stated, I'm done. I don't want him to draw blood and I'm at the point now that I am so apprehensive about nursing him because I'm just wondering when, not if he's going to bite me each time. How fun is that? Little toot. So, we made it nine months. I'd like to have made it a full year just because it'd be a much easier transition but what's a mom to do?

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