Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Fill-Ins

ffi we go!

1. Let me have one day (just one day) whe
re things go just as they should... really, just ONE... so I can feel "normal" (whatever that is).  It's inevitable Murphy's Law.  I'm cursed.

2. I am going through a ridiculous amount of tissue today.  My nose is a stuffed up faucet.  Praise to whomever invented Puff's Plus with Lotion and Vick's.

3. Listen here: See the house rules below.  In most cases, being (somewhat) neat isn't a character flaw, it's common sense.

4. GUACAMOLE!  Now that's what I'm talking about! 

5. When I was younger, I thought all of the women from the 40's and 50's looked so amazingly elegant.


6. I think too many grown ups are worried about what people think, or how loud you're going to be or they're worried about drawing attention... and therefore forget the power of genuine laughter

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to feeling somewhat human (I've got a cold) and working out with my bestie at the gym, tomorrow my plans include spending all day with Drew at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch doing an orienteering course and Sunday, I want to meal prep, prepare my first Project Life layout, work out and get my house put back together!

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AlwaysJoy said...

I'm with you on the sick! Hope you're feeling better