Friday, January 11, 2013

One Little Word - 2013

Every year I choose a word that is going to be the theme of my year.  I spend some time contemplating this decision.  Sometimes the words come to me.  Otherwise it's a very serendipitous event in how I find my word.  

For me, this year, it's all about a 'moment'.

It could be a good moment... 

... a bad moment

... a sad moment

... a significant moment

... a memorable moment

... a moment worthy of capture

My word this year has many meanings.  It can mean to embrace a particular moment or to live in the moment (something I tend to forget to do.)  It could mean to be intentional with my moments. 

Life is made up of many moments.  I obviously don't have all the answers as to where this word will be relevant in my life.  I do, however, look forward to the experiences I will bring to the table to make this word come alive for me.


... I will live in it.  

... My journey

... My word

I will be cataloging this journey through a scrapbook with Ali Edwards.  If you're interested, follow along with her class.  Enjoy your journey!

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