Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reflections at 2012

It's been quite a year hasn't it?  I'm not one to make resolutions, but I certainly have no qualms about reflecting at what a year it has been.  Let's discuss.  Shall we?  I'm feeling a little froggy, so heed the warning!

In 2012, I became the mother to a teenager... who started 7th grade.  He also had his first girlfriend.  (Yes, "had" as in past tense, you see, he broke up with her in the summer.)  However, once school started, he got a new one.  I haven't met her... yet.  Grrrr..

I became the mother of an 8-year-old video game addict whose intelligence level sometimes blows me through the roof!  He started 2nd grade.  

I also became the mother of an ornery two year old who has totally validated the reason some species eat their young.  Once he ended out his school year at Noah's Ark, I moved him to a new preschool with a summer program but toward the end of the year I had an issue with the director...told her off... aaaaand now we're going back to Noah's Ark.  All I can say to that is, if you don't want the truth -- don't ask me.  

I turned 40.  {shivers} that's such an awful, bad, disgusting, loathesome thing.

I read many books... including The Hunger Games trilogy.  Subsequently, I saw the movie in the theater at a midnight showing.  Good flick.  I live for books.  That was an awesome experience. I have many more books on my horizon for the new year.  

I crossed paths with several new people whom I thankfully continue to have in my life.  However, just to be fair, some I did keep on walking from (and never looked back.)  People are funny that way.

I revamped my workouts in February-March and started early morning workouts (5am) at The Keller Pointe.  Those tapered off mid-September but we're back on.  It'll work out.

We had to put down our beloved rescue, Sadie.... but replaced her with another rescue (was going to be euthanized THAT DAY) named Lucy.  Lucy is pictured below.

I lost weight.  I gained muscle.  (And... I gained back about 7 pounds that I'd lost because I ate like crap...for three months.  Live and learn.  I'm not worried!)

I was defriended on facebook by my best friend of 25 years... and my uncle.  

Drew and I jumped ship in Cub Scouts and went to a new Pack.  I like it.  I'm now Committee Chair.  (Yes, I have a HUUUUUGE "G" on my forehead.)  ("Glutton" in case you were wondering.)

I had some new adventures and a lot of the same ole same ole.  

I held, in my hand, a piece of crap handed to me by a very proud little boy who was attempting to potty train himself.  

I was able to attend an amazing weekend away in Fredericksburg.  If you need to get away, I highly recommend it.  There is an awesome little diner, too, that makes the best BBQ chicken pizza.  But, leave your children AT HOME! (If you're reading, boys, I love you, but you make mommy drink.  She needs time away.)

I also witnessed the same sweet two-year-old try to pull out someone's weave at Wal-Mart.  That was a Saturday.  The following Tuesday, he drug a little girl across the floor... by her hair... which got him threatened to be kicked out of preschool.  It was a year of challenges... with this particular, stubborn, ornery, rule-pushing, food throwing, everything-throwing toddler!

In closing to my personal reflection, some people try to single out events... like what was THE BEST thing that happened or what was the WORST or your FAVORITE.  But, if you truly know me, you know that I'm really not one for "favorites" of any sort.  Thus, I'm really not one for "bests" either.  

I am, however, definitely a "people person" so "the best" of anything would have to be focused around the people in my life.  That's easy and without a doubt where I would go with that one -- keep it on a personal level rather than "event" status.  I love my people!  (and guacamole) but I don't love guacamole on people... that'd be gross... because... if you missed a spot it'd turn brown and dthen ... well, yuck!

OH, I have to include that I saw another midnight premier -- The Hobbit.  Was great.  I'm a HUGE fan of Tolkien.  He's such an amazing writer.  I feel sorry for people that see movies without reading the books.  I pity them.  Truly, I do.  They're the people that go through life on the surface never diving into the depths below to discover the entire world that is there all along!  ENGAGE IN LIFE PEOPLE!  Get off the auto-pilot!  

----->end of personal recap<------- span="span">

Speaking of movies, the top grossing movies of 2012 are:

Image of The Avengers Image of The Dark Knight Rises Image of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Image of Brave Image of The Amazing Spider-Man Image of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Image of Skyfall Image of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Image of The Hunger Games Image of The Lorax

and a few others.  I just included the ones I wanted to.  LOL.  If you want the full list, look it up!

There's my ill-informed movie report.

Anyway, lots of headlines made the news this year as well... 

Eli Manning and the Giants won their 2nd superbowl.

Whitney Houston keeled over.  Yes, that sounds trite but, suck it.  I don't pay homage to drug-addicted has-been's.  But when I was a kiddo, I liked her so I mentioned her.  Get over it. 

I apparently slept through some headlines because the whole Trayvon hoodie scandal -- I completely missed.  So, shoot me.  (Oh, wait, bad pun.  Oh well, I laughed so I'm not going to delete it!)

Katie Holmes dumped Tom-I'm-a-Crazy-Assed-Scientologist-Cruise.

Penn State had their world rocked when their longest standing coach, Paterno, died in January and then they had a huge scandal involving Sandusky (a.k.a. dirty nasty old man who deserves to have his throat slit) and child molestation of kids at summer camps there.  Seriously, I wouldn't think twice about putting a bullet between that disgusting waste of breath's eyes!  Child predators have NO SOUL and deserve to die.  Period!  

Apparently, there was a summer Olympics.... ?? I don't know.  I'm not an Olympics person.

Some freakin psycho blew away a bunch of people at a Dark Knight midnight showing premier in Colorado.

Our consulate was attacked in Benghazi... there are lots of scandals brewing about this one.  The American Ambassador and three other American were slain.  

Cheaters and scandals allowed the nimrod Obama to be re-elected (I was not shocked) but when you look at the maps, it's just PATHETIC how it worked out that way.  He's a douchebag.  He had four years and our economy is in the shit hole.  I can't WAIT to hear him blame the rest of his presidency on Dubya!  

A big hurricane hit the northeastern coast line causing unprecedented damage.  And, seriously, while I completely CAN empathize with these people... it's sometimes hard to understand how ANYONE can be shocked... YOU LIVE ON A FREAKIN COASTLINE.... you are GOING TO GET HIT WITH A HURRICANE.  It's not a matter of IF... it's a matter of WHEN!?!?!

And the end of the year was closed out by some crazed psychopath gunning down 20 little 6-7 year olds and 6 school faculty members.  

If that weren't enought, now the celebrity-elite is asking for gun control.  


you know... 

legislation will DEFINITELY restrict determined bad guys from obtaining guns.  Seriously, they're absolutely f'n clueless.  CLUELESS.

That's a wrap on the fascinating news from 366 days of 2012.

Other news makers are people who kicked the bucket this year... obviously, there are lots.  This is not a full list. ;)  If you want that, go to Wikipedia!

JR Ewing (Larry Hagman).  Someone seriously should have told this dude eons ago to TRIM THE HORNS off his eyebrows!  His stylist must be the same as Donald Trumps!

Michael Clark Duncan.  This man was amazing.  I loved his voice, sensitivity... his character in The Green Mile... fantastic.

Neil Armstrong -- first man on the moon.  Just an all around great guy and very personable. I met him once in Ohio at Wright Patterson AFB.

Jerry Nelson -- (a.k.a. "The Count" from Sesame Street).  In his honor, everyone say it with me now, "One.  One peanut butter sandwich aaah aaah aaah."

Horshak (from Welcome Back Kotter) died of a heart attack at the age of 63.  I watched this show religiously!  OH OH OH OH!

Sherman Hemsley.... Movin' on up... to the east side... to a deeeeeluxe apartment... in the sky-ii-iiiii.  NO ONE could strut like him!  NO ONE!

Sally Ride -- First American chicka to hitch a ride into space.  Major props for SR!

Andy Griffith... I wish all towns could be like Mayberry, don't you?

Nora Ephron.  ... tissue please....

Bob Welch from Fleetwood Mac... killed himself.  Loser!

Richard Dawson -- HE is Mr. Family Feud!  This man kissed more woman than any man on the planet.  Of this I'm sure.  We would watch this show at my grandmother's house religiously.  

Donna Summer.  "Hot Stuff"  "Last Dance"  "Endless Love" "She Works Hard For The Money"  Yeah, she was awesome.

Maurice Sendak (author of Where the Wild Things Are).  Definitely one of my favorite books to read to the boys.

MCA from The Beastie Boys.  Yo!  Booooooiiiiii.

Dick Clark.  This will be the first New Years in Time Square without him!  An amazing American legend and icon.  

Mike Wallace from "60 Minutes."  He was an awesome news commentator.  Reminded me of my grand dad.

Thomas Kinkade.  Not a big fan to collect, but he was definitely an amazing talent.

Andrew Briebart.  So very sad of this one... true conservative.  We need more people like him.

Don Cornelias (Soul Train).  My friend April is going to ressurect Soul Train and the dance line.  No fear, his memory will live on.

Etta James.  The epitome of a love ballad.  One of the first songs I ever sang on karaoke.   

And, to top it off, my Great Uncle Paul Wilkerson died before the year's end.  He wasn't world-famous, but he was loved.  I'm relieved he is out of pain...and I pray for my Aunt Carol whom is left without her partner in life.  

But, as it always does... life goes on.

All in all, it wasn't all it could have been...but it was so much more because of who was in it.  Now, on to 2013... I'm ready for it.  


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