Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fill Ins

It's Friday.  You know what THAT means!  Time for Friday Fill-Ins. we go!

1. Wake up let the dogs out, use the bathroom, let the dogs in, hit the closet, change, brush the fangs, rock the ball cap, grab the mp3 player, head to the gym, kill it and work up a sweat.  THAT is the ideal way to start MY mornings.

2. Photographs and scrapbooks help me remember all the fun we had.

3. Every picture deserves to be reviewed, edited and/or deleted.  Otherwise, it's digital clutter.  Snapping a photo doesn't make a difference to anyone if you never share them.

4. I worry when my home is a little too quiet.  Why?  It generally means that my boys are up to NO GOOD!

5. Stay with what makes you happiest

6. It is fun to prove that I can love you in a thousand ways and then some.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to taking Drew to basketball practice, making my grocery list and scrapbooking! tomorrow my plans include a basketball game and a birthday party for Drew to attend, a grocery run and scrapbooking (there's also a BRONCOS game in there, too.  GO BRONCOS!! and Sunday, I want to edit photos and SCRAPBOOK!


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I love this, April! Number 6 is my favorite...too sweet!!

Janet said...

hahaha love the picture with #4!!! So cute!