Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Dallas World Aquarium or BUST!

Well, the housekeepers came early, I hadn't picked up the house (so they could vacuum). Josh had a sleepover the night before so the living room was tent city, I had to get ready, feed the boys and be out of the house by 9:15. Could I possibly do it -- with a smile? Heck yeah! But then as I was backing out of the driveway...the garage door won't go down, I realize I have no cash and no gas. :) LOL... so the 9:15 turned into 9:35. Lisa, Jackson and Wyatt met us at the Chevron and we caravaned to DWA in downtown Dallas. I walked in and was immediately drenched in sweat. It was quite disgusting. I hate to be hot. I hate sweat. I hate humidity... I want to live in the mountains...where even if it's 98 during the day.. it is in the 60's at night. How perfect would that be? Where in the winter it really does snow...and you can see this beautiful white blanket coating the world.... but I digress...

we made it through the DWA... got to the bottom.. didn't get to really view the fish or penguins much because Josh decided to play at breakfast and not eat anything so he was bugging me about every 30 seconds about being hungry. Drew was whining "eek" (eat) and giving the sign language sign for it as well so I knew nourishment was a necessity. We stopped at the SNACK BAR and it was TWENTY FOUR dollars... for 2 chocolate milks, a cheese pizza, nachos and a fruit bowl. Good GRIEF! Next time I'll bring it my darn self! I couldn't believe that!

After lunch, Drew was ready to plow (binkie in mouth, reclined in the stroller, head to one side, ready to crash)... Josh stayed late with the Shogrens and then Drew and I left and headed for the house. He went down at 1:30 (a record for him I think - watched Garfield all the way home). Josh came home quite a bit later. After that... Drew got a 3 hour nap... woke to go to Mimi and Pops and run run run (and get eaten alive by mosquitos)... and I went to Rockfish and had crab cakes (YUM-O) and ate pecan crusted trout with a cold Hefe Weisen! Good stuff Vern!.... Very much needed after the start of my week. The only problem - - they served it on a little skillet thing (like what fajitas would come on) and the heat that was radiating from it just made me start sweating like a freakin pig the point that I was quite uncomfortable. i finished early and was like...get this away from me. It was weird..

seems like my entire metabolism changed lately... I get hot flashes at night where I used to be a chilly willy all the time... (that sucks) and then at dinner... the hot flash... if I didn't know better I'd say I was having menopausal hot flashes... oh I could only BE so lucky! UGH I hate having a woman's body with all the CRAP that goes along with it! I'd trade this for a kick in the nuts once a month any day! (as long as I could keep my kids! LOL)...

Got the boys... Josh and Drew finished watching the Shaggy Dog... it was nice to get out -- I like to do it once a week at least... for my sanity's sake. Girlfriends are the best at helping keep stay at home mom's sane because we all understand one another's psychosis. :) ha ha!

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