Monday, August 21, 2006

Our home has grown

by four feet...

Josh needed a purpose and so today MY PURPOSE was to help him find his "happy" again. I went to the Forney Road Shelter in Dallas to find him some joy.

I wrote this letter of thanks to the Shelter:

I just wanted to say a big huge THANK YOU to your staff. I went in today with the hopes of adopting Sugar Sugar who I saw at the Fort Worth Home and Garden Show. She, however, had a tad bit of a cough so I opted for the one that was her crate mate – who was in cage #22… We’ve named her Sadie. I bought her for my 7 year old to help deal with the loss of our beloved Gidget – little female Boston Terrier that we had PTS on 7/31 due to skin cancer. My other Boston is probably going to be put down relatively soon due to a diagnosis of lung cancer and his inability to fully inflate/deflate his lungs with ease.

I looked at several pooches and these two just really tugged at my heartstrings. I’d gone in there with the intention of adopting a larger dog because I know the cute little ones are always the ones that adopted and the big ones are usually left to euthanasia. However, having a young child in the home, I just didn’t want to take the risk YET of adopting a larger dog.

The staff was so wonderful to work with… after walking up and down the aisles and shedding a few tears over their heartbreaking desire just for love and affection… I chose our little Sadie. She was so quiet, timid and reserved – almost like she didn’t want to get too excited for fear of being rejected. But that’s just the one that I was looking for. She slept all the way back to Keller… and I took her with me to pick up my son for school - - boy was he ELATED!

We already took her to the vet and bought her some yummy smelling shampoo, gave her her first bath, found an afghan and a fleece blanket for her to snuggle up in … and she’s just already become one of our family members. J I just feel so fortunate to have found her.

I hope to come back and save Sugar Sugar as well… so if she ever goes on “the list”… please PLEASE call me. We’d like to get accustomed to one new family member at a time.

God bless you all for the thankless jobs you have…. Even though the unconditional love you receive isn’t verbal praise… I know those tail wags, offered paws and licks isn’t going to fill your bank account and resume but it will certainly fill your heart. Thanks for helping those that can’t help themselves.

I’ve included a photo of Josh and Sadie we took today. He couldn’t be happier.

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