Tuesday, August 29, 2006


That's the sound I'm hearing right now... the sound of my big fat Boston Boomer sawing logs -- no, I take that back, he's knocking down petrified forests! That boy can snore!

Much has happened in a week. On Monday the 21st I began my carpool (take and pick up with my neighbor). I went to my first PTA meeting that evening. While on the surface they really seem like a lot of superfluous fluff... they really DO do great things for the school. I like the fundraisers they're doing this year for the school - Entertainment Passbooks and wrapping paper! :) Love me some Sally Foster wrapping paper!

Wednesday the 23rd I went to Drew's meet the teacher. It was fun. He's in a class called the Kangaroos. His first day was SUPPOSED to be today (for 2 hours just to learn his class, teacher, etc.) but he woke up this morning barking like a seal. So, snotty boogery nose + cough = no school.

Thursday the 24th, I took Sam and Josh to school...drove Drew to MDO and then went back to the school for the "Newcomers Breakfast" It was neat and informative. I went and had some much needed me time and then went and picked up the little man. We had gymnastics that evening and Drew did SO good this time! :) They have this big pit of purple foam squares and he sat on the rope swing and did the 1, 2, 3 DROP and just laughed and laughed.... they had a little obstacle course for them set up... he loved that. So, he did good and we'll stay there! After that was the initial kick off meeting for the Cub Scouts for Josh. We met Shannon and Jackson in the cafeteria... we have a pack of 4 so far and I'm the leader. I was kind of voted in because I'm the only one that doesn't travel. Do I look forward to camping when I like room service? Um.. no...but I suppose I can manage. LOL We got Josh all signed up and came ready for bed and I was not too far behind!

it's amazing all the stuff I do just to stay busy... I wrote it all out

Children's Field Trip Chairperson - GCS Mom's League
Craft Club Coordinator - GCS Mom's League
Parent Volunteer - Hidden Lakes Elem. school
AWANA leader - church
Cub Scout Leader

I just signed up to sell Close to My Heart scrapbooking supplies

am probably going to sign up to sell Taste of Home Entertaining as well as Heritage Builder books

I signed up to help out with being the room mom for Josh's school b/c I don't know if a lot of people DID sign up to do it (don't know how many other stay at home moms there are - we'll see)

I'm in MOPS 2 wednesdays a month...

I just actually am starting to feel good about being so busy! :)


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