Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Drew searches for his little dog...

The day was okay. I tried to keep my mind off things... entertain my kids... get into the Play-Doh. Josh made several sad faced comments about wishing Gidget were here.

I know it's not the same for him as it is for me... b/c she was my little lap dog. When I got pregnant with Josh and her lap disappeared... I became her leaning post. :) But we all grieve in our own way. He likes to talk about it and just make comments like that so that we know that he's thinking about her.

We broke out the game of Clue and I tried to explain it to him... he won the first game little booger!

Evening came... and went and it was time for bed. Time to make the dog's dinner bowls. Drew was invited to help. BOO-NAH (that's what he calls for Boomer).... and DOOOR (Thor)... and then he starts calling for Gidget.... (DID-GEE)... I"m in the laundry room ... and just immediately look up becaues I totally did not expect that... he realized she wasn't there...and he started to my room to look for her under the bed...and then when he was told no, she's not in there... he went to the back door and started hitting on the glass wondering why she wasn't coming... calling to her... and when he was picked up to go upstairs and just divert his attention elsewhere..he was crying and calling her name... he was devestated we'd forgotten to feed her... I lost it...

It certainly is different without her here... I miss her presence. It's in the moments of silence when I wish I heard the little tip tip tip tip tip tip of her nails across the floor looking for me... once she'd find me.. her little crooked tail would wag and she'd lay where she could see me out of her good eye (she was quite blind in the other).

I know that time heals all wounds...but when you feel like you've let down some"thing" (body) that depends on you... it's just hard. Boomer sounds quite bad... my little TB dog. I need to take him in... just don't know if I can right now. Anymore bad news with my "kids" and I just don't know what I'll do. Boomer is my favorite in that he's just so sweet... he's what every dog should be like... he loves to have his belly rubbed... loves to eat... loves to sleep and if you scratch the little spot above his tail... he wiggles his butt and bark/howls ... goes... brrooooooooo ooooh. LOL... it's funny! He's got such a great demeanor. Granted, he's quite the crotchety old fart in his geriatric years, but he's still just a big lug... He'll wrestle around on the ground... and then if you say "Ouch" he'll stop immediately and look away like "oops sorry!!!" He's such a smart dog. Don't know if he'd hear ya say "Ouch" now unless you screamed it -- deafness.

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