Thursday, August 31, 2006

Drew hits a high note

I took Drew to the doctor this morning as a precaution hoping that he'll be well enough to attend preschool NEXT week since having a low grade fever, barking with a pflemy cough and not eating doesn't seem quite conducive to having him participate in extra-household activities. :) His ears were checked, I don't believe his throat was but he said that it's just a cold. So... cough syrup and motrin were the prescription (what I'd already been doing)... no ear infection which was good news for me!

Unfortunately, however, that meant he'd miss gymnastics as well. Josh and Drew both have gymnastics at 6 pm. I had Andy meet me there to pick up Drew so that Josh could still attend and then he brought him back to me an hour later when Josh's class had finished. When he brought him back, his cheeks were flushed and he was BURNING hot. I was like???? He's sick??? He's burning up with fever? I got home... his temperature was ONE HUNDRED AND THREE! I was livid... why do men just not "get it" and then they wonder why we feel like they're completely incompetent when it comes to parenting. I was seriously irritated. It's just one of those things, I guess, where you just go... figures... and just move on with your life because there's nothing you can do about it anyways. That's what I did. Poor kid.

Josh, however, did AWESOME at gymnastics... he got to ring the bell again for accomplishing a task to perfection -- meaning he'd mastered a task. They get to ring this big gold bell and everyone in the gym claps for them. It's way neat! I just wish he'd quit worrying about me watching his every move and just concentrate on the task at hand and stay focused. I think he likes my undividied attention though so I oblige him. :)

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