Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Our Future's So Bright...

We gotta wear shades!

Isn't this picture just to die for?! That's my two little guys... Josh trying to squat down to fit in the picture with Drew and of course, since Drew saw Josh squatting what did he do? Why SQUAT of course! Both had Oreo lips (Drew's still shows) but they're just so darn cute!

Today was Joshua's first day of school. I went upstairs about 7:15 to wake him up and get Drew up and motivated and he was wide awake just waiting to get up and get rolling. I think he was quite excited. Usually it's a little rub and a little pat... a few words... then pulling the covers off him and coaxing him out of the bed but today he just hopped right out. He went straight to the closet and picked out his favorite green and white striped Tommy Hilfiger shirt and finished getting ready while I tried to make enough noise and say "Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooornin" loud enough that Drew would (sort of) wake himself up instead of me having to wake him up. Unfortunately, he's like his momma - you wake me up before I"m ready toget up and I'll just grump your entire day right out the door. And let me tell you he CAN! I call him Napoleon. He may be small, but he rules the roost!

So, I went downstairs and finished breakfast -- started that about 6:45 (school means there goes my "sleeping in" -- if you call 7:30 sleeping in) ---- biscuits were baking, bacon was crispin and the eggs were scramblin. Top the eggs with a little shredded cheddar cheese and those boys had a great breakfast --- Drew, of course, didn't eat any eggs but he liked his apple-cinnamon Cheerios, bacon and biscuits. Throw in some milk and that made a pretty good meal -- for him, anyway.

I made sure the troops were eating and went to fix my hair -- ok "fix" is a bit strong... lol.. it's more like, blow dry and run a curling iron through the ends. I'm almost as low maintenance on stuff like that as they come -- I hate maintenance of any kind for just about anything. Maintenance sucks.

I got Josh's supplies all ready, gave him some money for lunch, had him grab his backpack (are you suppose to buy them a new one every year when their old ones are just fine? I didn't. Is that bad?) I was ready to take some First Day of School Photos!!! :) I got my trusty Canon Digital Rebel and headed outside with my boys. Drew and his little buzzed head, JOsh with those big green eyes (he had to change shirts b4 pictures b/c he apparently can't keep the slobber in his mouth when he brushes his teeth. LOL... UGH) I snapped away... got lots of great shots -- or so I thought. I thought to myself while drew was taking a nap later in the day -- I need to upload his pictures from this morning...go grab the camera and there IS NO FREAKIN MEMORY CARD IN IT! I said a few choice f-bombs directed at myself and just realized that the first day of school is still the first day of school regardless of if the photos are taken before or afterwards... so I got some after school instead!

I gathered all the goods and into the car we went. I live less than a mile from school... it's probably just a little over 5 or 6 tenths of a mile.. .and it took us like what felt like forever to get there... we walked into his class with about 3 minutes to spare. His teacher's name is way jacked up so she goes by "Mrs. P" (her name has about 20 letters in it and is like 7 syllables!) She's super cute though -- just married into an unfortunate name. I'd have just kept mine! LOL... j/k I've been there once with the name thing... Gregorsok --no one could pronounce that either. I'm like.. it's pronounced just like it looks... Greg or sock without the c of course. But people would just jack it up left and right... finally when telemarketers would call and just stumble over it I'd be like, "I obviously don't know you but appreciate the call... have a great day. CLICK!"

I came home and Drew and I had a great morning...we played in the Play Doh.. we did puzzles.. raced cars, watched a movie, had a snack, he helped me do some laundry and the dishes... (help is a tad strong but he was an active participant)... then it was time for a nap so away he went... and I was actually right behind him. Last night was rough and I didn't get much sleep. He slept from about 11:30 to about 2:40... I was about 12:15ish (few phone calls interrupted me) to about 2:30ish.. it was nice. woke up a few times just from being too darn hot but I'm trying to keep the a/c at 80 so the bills will not be so astronomical. UGH though.

We went to get josh. He got out of school at 3:30. I left the house at 3:15....and sat in traffic until 3:54 to pick him up. It was -- not surprisingly -- a TOTAL FREAKING zoo... Oh my GOSH thank GOD for my DVD player and Pooh's Heffalump Movie or we wouldn't have made it. I will NEVER do that again... Frankly, I'd rather walk the entire way there and back. That's just beyond retarted. I know lots of parents were walking their kids in the first day ..and probably will the first few days to make sure kiddos find their classrooms (school is big) but the picking up is, again, a zoo....

I had a good recommendation to make the day special with ice cream so we headed straight to Sonic but josh didn't want ice cream -- he wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, cheese tater tots and a cherry limeade. LOL.... and of, course, no ice cream and no dinner later either. I said, 'no way Jose!' and instead got him a small order of cheese sticks and a sonic Reece's cup blast -- they really are quite stingy with their -- whatever they blend in -- Dairy Queen like hooks you up man... Sonic puts in like 5. I even got Drew a dish of ice cream -- he normally won't eat it at all...but when we got home, he at it ALL! I was FLOORED! Probably because he was starving -- I just realized he didn't eat lunch... he woke up and we went straight to get Josh. Guess I need to set a time table up for us too.. he needs to eat l unch at 11:30 THEN nap... ok... mental note to self, make sure your children are fed! Gosh now I feel horrible... I wondered why he totally scarfed his dinner down tonight like he hadn't eaten all day.. ROFL.. probably because HE HADNT EATEN ALL DAY! OMG I'm horrible! UGH! Great - now I have guilt!

Josh said his day was great. I had him try to call his dad on the way to school - no answer but he left him a message. He never called him back. Mimi and Grandma both called him today to wish him good luck on his first day.

I made scalloped potatoes with ham and broccoli tonight for dinner... Drew had ravioli... like 8 of them! LOL... because he was STARVING... and he ate some string cheese (not much, but it's a start) and a biscuit.... drank his milk up ... it was pretty good. I like quick meals like that from time to time.... and I'm the casserole queen. If I can get it all in one dish... give me the recipe! :) The crock pot is my friend! :)

Boys went to Mimi's for a while tonight so she could see Drew's new "do" (I gave him a buzz)... and Josh could tell her about his day.... came home and bedtime for the masses. I even think it's bedtime for me.. not feeling so hot. Don't know if it's the infection (is it back?) or something else but I'm not feeling well (stomach)... cramping up and such. Yes, I'm worried and quite paranoid about the whole thing but what's done is done and there's nothing I can do about it... just go to the doctor on the 17th and hear what they have to say to me. Good/bad/ugly.... I will handle it just like I do everything else -- go drinking. LOL.. j/k! That's SO far from the truth it's not even funny.

Oh well... I got the little peopl ein bed and now it's time to go watch my show... So you Think You Can Dance--- It's TiVo'd :) love the tivo man! :) LOVE IT !


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