Thursday, January 8, 2009


Big brother is at it again. I'm quite disturbed at how far we are letting the government invade our lives. And why isn't there a Boston Tea Party to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?!

My argument today is the Consumer Product Safety Information Act. The bones of the legislation are good. They want to keep lead out of products intended for children. But they are -- as I believe it's stated -- going to require ANYONE selling ANY products for children under the age of 12 to have certification that it's been tested for lead. So... I understand pacifiers, cribs, pack-n-plays, plastic toys (since that's where it seems to have been found)... but ... clothes? books? I mean... what does Big Brother expect us to do with all these items that as of February 10 will be come hazardous? Can they not just grandfather everything manufactured prior to that date and then make retailers and or reseller distribute a piece of paper WITH their purchases that staes the item was manufacturerd prior to the law date and the seller cannot confirm nor deny the presence of lead based products in that item. That would have everyone off the hook and NOT require small stores to obtain the expensive lead testing for their items.

I just think of all the far reaching implications this piece of ridiculous, over-zelous legislation has... I think just of places that I, personally, frequent: Half-Priced Books, Once Upon A Child, Kid to Kid, Just Between Friends Consignment Sales.... what about garage sales? e-bay? etsy? Craig's List? Are we just supposed to say our stuff isnt any good? What about VINTAGE toys? People COLLECT those??? YES, they're INTENDED for children under 12 but ... ?? WTF man, someone needs to stop these freakin idiots running our country. Can't we limit the terms for EVERYONE just like we do the President? No more than 2 terms... then get your arse outta there and do some freakin good.

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