Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rock Band

I ROYALLY jacked up my back yesterday on something... Josh came back today... we went to Golden Corral to eat (laugh but they have the best mashed potatoes in the world! and I LOVE their yeast rolls - YUMMMM). :)

Yes, I start back on WW Monday so I had one last time at the trough!

Any-who... the testesterone in the casa are upstairs playing Rock Band... and Drew doesn't get it and wants to literally beat the shit out of the drums.... hearing his father "sing" falcetto is just.. HILARIOUS... and I have no clue what Josh is doing.

I'll have to struggle upstairs to get some photos... I think I'll be the singer...the boys can be the musicians. That'd be hilarious.

I did go outside to try to get a picture of the moon tonight. It's supposed to be the brighest one in 2009. There was this HUGE aura around the moon... it was amazing. I dont have a clue how to take pictures like that... so who knows if they came out -- it was cold (35 degrees) but at least I tried!

To quote FK -- Peace ya'll!

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