Friday, January 23, 2009

Memory Flashback

As I now sit here enjoying my cheeseburger (YUM) I am listening to my boys giggle at the silly antics of Mystery, Inc. Yes, we are watching no other than Scooby Doo 2. The boys LOVE this movie... always have from the day we first purchased it.

I remember about a year ago when we had watched it in the car during an extended drive and so it was fresh in Drew's mind. I believe company was over... I could be wrong but I think so. Any-who... there is a part in the movie that I just laughed at SO HARD while we were driving... and it was just on now (today) and so it jogged my memory about this whole episode)

Sarah Michelle Geller plays Daphne (the red head)... her real live hubby (Freddie Prince, Jr.) plays Fred... the weird guy from the first Scream plays Shaggy and does an AWESOME job! Boy I'm good at getting off on stream-of-consciousness rants/tangents aren't I? Anyway, in the movie Mystery, Inc. royally screwed up and Alicia Silverstone who plays a reporter is totally blasting Mystery, Inc. and so now the public hates them... While they're out and about people say some unkind things to them and they're all like... "think of a good comeback quick" and Sarah Michelle Geller goes, "Hey.... .... shut up!"

It was just... SO funny... but that's my sense of humor too. :) But the REAL funny part is what happened later.

Andy was in the living room and said something to Drew to which he replied, "HEY... SHUT UP!" Andy's eyes got about as big as saucers and he was like, "DONT YOU EVER..." and I was like... "hold on..." and had to explain that it was just a bad line pick up from a movie... he didn't even know what he was really saying.

hee hee... but it was SO funny! He was like... I'll snatch you up and into next week talk to me that way! Fo Sho! Bwa ha ha ha

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