Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Can't STAND!!!!

Yo Gabba Gabba... WTF is that? I can't believe that people let their kids watch it. I wont let my kids watch anything that I couldn't at least tolerate. But their ridiculous costumes, stupid songs... ugly host... it's enough to drive me to drink. Proof positive you can put anything on a kid's channel and people will stick their kids in front of it...Here enjoy it yourself... it's SO STUPID!

I also can't stand the Doodlebops but that's for a whole other reason. I actually DO like the concept of the show.... and the song they sing when it's time to get on the bus is SO catchy.

However, I can't, as a mother, let my children watch the show. Why? Because the blue Doodlebop is gay. Do I care that he's gay? No. He doesn't play a gay Doodlebop on the show, however, the tone in which he speaks -- well, my friend Alan who IS gay, said he'd like to bop that Doodlebop. So, nuff said. LOL.... He speaks with the oh-so-flaming homosexual dialect that I don't feel it's appropriate for children. I have no problem with other people's homosexuality -- whatever people want to do in their own bedrooms is none of my business. However, having children watch and believe that the way he speaks is proper for a male to speak that way is just not acceptable TO ME. Again, this is TOTALLY my opinion... I believe they need more programs with strong male role models that follow the ideals of a Christian family. EVEN in the land of make believe.

But this momma draws the line on on these two... we also didn't watch the Teletubbies... or anything Pokemon-ish. That stuff isnt fun. I'd prefer to turn the tv off and let their minds work rather than let them sit and turn into the obesity statistics the majority of our country are falling into.

BUT... if you want to read something else funny... read THIS blog post by another blogger. LOL

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a.k.a. Amooretto said...

Yo Gabba Gabba is so weird. That green guy...WTF? It almost seems like this should have been a 70's show! hahaha

Doodlebops...the tune is catchy, and I'm partial to the bopper named "Mo" only b/c my daughter's nickname is "Mo". But yeah, don't like the show either.